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Sighting Reports 2004

 Woman Takes Photo of Strange Object
- Ocean City, Maryland -
- Mid May, 2003 -

Photo Taken From Balcony of Holiday Inn in Ocean City, Maryland

Map Showing Ocean City, Maryland

Description: I have received two reports from this witness.  She says that she was taking photos from the balcony of the Holiday Inn at Ocean City, Maryland and didn't notice anything unusual in the sky until she saw the photograph.  The photo shows a red "rod- like" object.

Investigator's Notes: The witness used a 35 mm disposable camera.  I have analyzed the negatives of the above photo.  It was the opinion of the camera store technician where the photos were developed that the red "rod-like" structure was due to dust on the original film. I concur with the technician.  The same red artifact was seen on two other photos in the batch (not shown).  This lends more credence that the rod was an artifact and not a real object.