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Figure Two

Transcription of Voice Tape

Time (Hours, Minutes, Seconds) Voice Message
18:59:35 Air traffic control Northwest 985, go ahead
18:59:36 Northwest flight crew Were just curious. We’re lookin ahead at twelve o’clock.  You’re working on a formation, a flight of two? (Northwest 985 has spotted objects and is asking air traffic control if they have any traffic in the area of the sighting.)
18:59:38 Air traffic control Ah, at what altitude?
18:59:39 Northwest flight crew Ah, I guess ours, maybe a little higher. (Flight 985 was flying at 35,000 feet)
18:59:42 Air traffic control Ahhhh, negative
18:59:43 Northwest flight crew O.K. I guess it’s spots on the windscreen
19:01:37 Air traffic control Northwest 985, we’re not showing any aircraft in your area above or below you.
19:01:40 Northwest flight crew Northwest 985, are you still seeing the targets?
19:04:18 Northwest flight crew Yes sir, we sure are.
19:04:19 Air traffic control And how far out in front of you are they, and are they goin’ the same direction?
19:04:22 Northwest flight crew It’s hard to tell. I think they’re definitely moving away from us. Ah, I guess they’re going in a westerly direction.// Ah, probably fifteen, twenty miles maybe.
19:04:25 Air traffic control Are you getting’ anything on the TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) at all?
19:04:26 Northwest flight crew Ah, negative.
19:04:51 Air traffic control And would you say there are two formation flights, two apiece, ah two of two?
19:04:53 Northwest flight crew Well right now all I can see is ah, two aircraft. And, ah, originally, well I say, I take that back, I see three of them, I’d say two and two.
19:11:53 Air traffic control NW 985, here’s the website.
19:11:54 Northwest flight crew O.K. ready.
19:11:55 Air traffic control Ah, www November uniform foxtrot oscar romeo charley dot org.
19:12:01 Northwest flight crew I know what those three letters in the middle are. Ah O.K. - www November – uniform – foxtrot – oscar – romeo – charley dot org