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Sighting Reports 2005

Family Claims to Have Repeated Contact With Aliens
- Have Scars to Prove it? -


Two Photos Above Show Marks on Boy's Arm (Left) and His
Father's Leg (Right)


Date of Occurrence: Past Nine Years
Date Reported: April 24, 2005
Location: Moved from California to Ocean Shores, Washington in 2004
Number of Witnesses: Six
Number Witnesses Interviewed: Four

Description (Written April, 2005): While on a speaking engagement at the recent Ocean Shores, WA UFO conference I came across a man and his son who claim to have had numerous contacts with unknown entities.  The man and his two kids claim to have had these contacts.  (He has a daughter and son.)  The boy says that he regularly sees reptile-like entities (mostly at night).  He wakes up with blotches or sores on his arm after these experiences.  These sores have been treated by a physician using antibiotics, but the sores continue to persist.  According to the father the doctors are baffled by the cause of these sores.  The father also has some marks on his leg as the result of encounters with unknown beings.  (See above photo.)  I interviewed both the father and his son.  His daughter was not interviewed.  The father and daughter see the classic "small grey" beings while the son sees reptile-like beings. 

Update by Investigator Joe Ryan (August 19, 2005): This is an anthology of memories beginning at about the time the father was twelve years old – in about 1977 or so – and continues until this year: – last sighting by his son about six months ago.  (Note the father will be referred to as "F", the son as "S", and the daughter as "D" in the anthology of sightings.)

1977: F was sitting on his parents’ property in San Jose, California with a friend back in 1977 casually observing the overhead skies. The last thing on either F's mind or that of his friend was anything as peculiar as UFO’s, yet both suddenly jumped up yelling “UFO!” before running in opposite directions. But that wasn’t the odd facet of that particular “sighting.” When they reconvened at the spot from where they dashed off, neither of them could remember seeing anything at all. This “non-sighting” was to begin a strange series of occurrences that have surrounded his entire family – parents, siblings, and in recent years, his children, now 13 and 16 years old.

Around 1982: After more than five years had passed, at about the age of eighteen, F was picked up after work by a friend with a motorcycle. He was on the back seat when they pulled into a 7-11 Convenience Store. Neither F nor his friend had been on drugs (common in those years, but not part of the F's lifestyle) nor had he even had a beer for more than a week. Suddenly a strange flying object appeared just overhead. It was smoky in appearance, but otherwise vague and ill-defined in shape during its brief manifestation. F recalls that both he and his friend yelled something like “That was weird!” before driving back to his home where they sat motionless (basically, regaining their composure) in the garage-turned-bedroom. It was about 12:30 a.m. and D asked his friend, Tony, if he would stay and wake him at six the next morning. When Tony went to set an alarm clock, he remarked, “it is six o’clock!” Both of the young men had lost six hours. Again, F wanted it very clear that he had not had even a single beer for at least a week prior to this event.

Later in 1982: During that same year – a little later in the springtime or early summer – Tony and F were driving along in the foothills near San José, California (on Callabaros Road, he recalls) with F’s sister when a similar smoky (amorphous) object appeared over the hood of their car. That was when they all saw a triangular-shaped object traveling down the valley directly over them. F’s sister “freaked out” and they were all quite frightened, of course. What they saw was enormous. It was only about 3 − 400 feet above them and was the “size of a battleship!” Although there were discernible lights on the underside, most of the lights seemed to be on the sides of the triangle. The triangle was very large, flat and clearly triangular. To indicate its size, F said that at first they only saw one end of it going overhead. Its speed was slow, estimated by F to be 10-15 mph. Although they couldn’t see the “back end” of the triangle at first, it ultimately passed over. At no time did they see the entire triangle, but when it had blocked the starry sky almost entirely, its shape was clear. The only sound that F recalls is/was that of a low-pitched hum with a slight sound of what he could best describe as grinding gears. Such sightings would not end that night and the details became clearer in later years.

Around 1990: About two years later, when F was about twenty years old, he was leading a youth group (“getting ‘street kids’ off the streets!” he smiled) at a ranch near his home. They were at a location known as “Silver Rock” and the youngsters had dug a pit around the rock for having a barbecue. This was a religious group and they had begun to pray with the group’s worship leader (Ian) when one of the youngsters looked up and saw something odd. He yelled out for the others to look up and they did, including F, of course. What they saw was remarkable. A very bright star overhead was swinging in a pendulum-like manner, silently swinging to and fro. The boys pointed at it as they motioned to each other to ensure that they weren’t just seeing some sort of irregular motion caused by the clouds and stars criss-crossing one another. As far as F knew the night was clear and there were no clouds, but the sight was dazzling. Some of the boys remarked, “That’s God!” and who was to deny anything at that moment? This lasted for a full five minutes or more before the bright star simply faded away. Thereafter, F has had dreams that reflected the oddity of that and the earlier sightings. One time, he heard someone in his bedroom and remembered asking “Who are you” and “What are you doing in my room?” He remembers one such occurrence in 1990 or 1991 prior to the family moving to Santa Cruz and then, Modesto, California. F was diagnosed during this time as having M. S. (multiple sclerosis) and ultimately ended up living with his parents home in Modesto, California nearly entirely paralyzed. As it turned out, a lesion in his vertebrae (T2 – T3 upper spine) was the cause and, at one time, was told by the doctors that he would never again walk and would likely die. He did walk and he did live.

Later (Date Not Known): F believes that his recovery was due to additional sightings similar to the one with the youth group. For example, while lying in his bed at his parents’ home he again saw the “pendulum star” swinging to and fro in the sky. This time, he called his mother and brother and all three watched the strange sight in the sky. They were transfixed for at least twenty minutes as best he recalls. His mother now lives very near the investigator assigned to this case and corroborating information will be collected soon. At this time and other times when watching the “pendulum star,” they noted that it emitted a red light like a trail – but not a streak of red light, he pointed out – periodically and usually tired them after several minutes of viewing. One time, he had a dream after such a sighting and heard the same humming sound and grinding gears (sound) that he associated with the large triangle. He felt the wonderful sensation of floating during much of the dream. When he awoke, the dream was still vivid in his mind and he clearly, while very much awake, saw the light shoot off and disappear. Of possible importance was that he saw two or three helicopters about a week later. He didn’t recall any markings on the helicopters. Of definite importance to F was that he felt much better in the weeks following the sightings of the “pendulum star” and gained at least 30 pounds – which, at the time was very, very good. He also discontinued having problems wetting the bed – due to his paralysis – and his general appetite improved considerably. Also, he was suddenly able to walk, first with a walker and then with a cane – all within a couple of weeks of the sighting and strange vivid dream. When he went to visit the doctor who had been treating him, the doctor repeated his name over and over – he simply couldn’t believe that it was F. He did not recognize him at all at first. In F’s mind, it was the light that had so wonderfully affected his health. It was also about this time that he became strangely “aware” that he had actually been abducted, for lack of a better word. He had been taken . . . somewhere! Or at least he believes so.

Later Experience (Date Unknown): Some time later, F went for a visit to Marina, California with his mother and his brother. By this time, it was not so unusual for his mother, his brother and F himself to see the “pendulum star” and indeed, they saw a wonderful display over the ocean one evening. That particular sighting was memorable in that the newspapers reported “Light Seen Over Ocean” over one of its stories the next day. Also, they took more careful note of the star itself and noticed that it had a tinge of yellow around its circumference. As time passed, F married and had two children (now 13 and 15 in 2005). At one point during the early to mid-nineties, the entire family – including his mother and new stepfather moved into the Sierras. The children remained with their mother. During these many months, they literally saw the lights every night! The low cloud cover near the ocean versus the clearer skies in the Sierras was possibly the reason, but whatever, the lights became a regular spectacle. The spectacle included the emission of the red light from the larger white (tinged with a yellow “halo”) light on a regular basis. One time, he awoke to see the light either near or on the ground in a golf course near their home. He simply stared at it until the light “blipped out,” and then he returned to sleep. He often saw “flashes” of grays (the typical UFOlogy-common “grays”) in the back of his mind. Although by this time he was convinced he was being surreptitiously abducted, he never recalls having had “fear” over this aspect of his strange sightings, dreams and feelings.

1997: His two children came often to visit and they watched the lights with him. The investigator queried the children (now teenagers) and they corroborated F’s stories. The younger child "S" is in the process of drawing a rather detailed drawing of the “beings” that he saw on more than one occasion in conjunction with the sightings during these years and continuing until as recent as six months ago. It looks to the investigator similar to a “Gray,” but has scaly Reptilian-like skin. F had at least 20 – 30 occasions of “sleep paralysis” which he described as being awake, but unable to open his eyes. Often, he sees beings, like “ghosts” (to use F’s word to describe them) in his room in the middle of the night. He asks them, “Who are you?” “What do you want?” “What’s your name?” but gets no replies. He said that he believes that they come to him “when he really needs them.” The children chose to want to live with him rather than their mother, and, at one time a lawyer had to be consulted. The children have seen the lights on and off for almost their entire lives – until now – 2005. F has even gone to an elderly pastor and asked if they might be angels or even God. Whatever, it was shortly after a series of such sightings of the “pendulum star” that he secured custody of the children eight years ago. With the entire family, including the children, living in the Sierras, the now intact family would watch the “dancing lights” on a nightly basis. Both children agree as to the nature of the lights themselves, but "D", 15 described more “traditional” grays whereas her brother S, 13 described hybrid Gray-Reptilian creatures with scaly skin and red eyes, although humanoid features otherwise. The children recalled a slightly different account of the red lights emitted by the larger white light. They both noted that the white light would seem to swoop down and “catch” the red lights before dropping it again on a fairly regular basis.

2003-Early 2005: Only S has reported seeing anything during 2005 (six or seven months ago), but both describe having seen the “light shows” regularly until about one and a half years ago – winter of 2003-2004. These were in the foothills about one and a half hours from Yosemite and also about one and half hours from Lake Tahoe. Additional interviews with the children – apart from the father or grandmother – will be accomplished in the weeks to come.

Other Sightings (Dates Approximately from 1998 - 2003 With About a Year and a Half Between Each Sighting): F's mother has had three  sightings of "globes" or disks that move back and forth (laterally) in perpendicular patterns for long periods of time. F's mother observed this same phenomenon in three different areas (One of these sightings was in Modesto, California; the next was in Marina, California and the third was in Arnold, California – all after they had moved into new homes in each of these locations). All three of the sightings were quite dramatic and involved a large globe-like light (at least half the size of a full moon and round in shape) moving back and forth across the sky – first in a roughly north-south path, back and forth, and then in a roughly east-west path, back and forth. The speed was enormous, but she was unable to guess at just how fast the ball or disk was traveling. After making one or two such back-and-forth passes, the object would stop suddenly (she said “on a dime”), sit still for as long as twenty seconds, and then take up back-and-forth movements in a more or less perpendicular path. It was as if the object were searching for something on the ground, but it was completely silent. She was with F. and a brother the first time, was alone with F the second time and with F, and his two children (D and S) the third time. As in F’s account above, the object was bright white. She recalled newspaper accounts after at least one of the sightings (Modesto) where several persons in the area saw the same object(s).

Investigator's Notes:  The family all says that they have had repeated sightings of UFOs and some encounters with beings.  Recently the daughter (D) has been somewhat less certain about some of her experiences.  (This change in attitude could be due to her being concerned about reports of her experiences on this website. We assured her that her identity would not be revealed in any reports.) Recently Joe Ryan has interviewed F's mother.  She has corroborated some of the sightings when she was present with the family.  We plan to do more analysis of the testimony of the witnesses in this case.  A psychological assessment also will be performed on this case. Any new information will be posted.