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Sighting Reports 2005

Witness Sights Rapidly Moving Large Triangle

Drawing of the Triangle as Provided by Witness

Date of Sighting: June 25, 2005
Time of Sighting: 11:00 PM
Date Reported: June 26, 2005
Location of Sighting: Franktown, Colorado (About 35 Miles North-Northeast of Colorado Springs)
Latitude: 39.19753 Degrees N
Longitude: 104.74255 Degrees W
Number of Witnesses: Three
Number Interviewed: One
Weather: Clear Skies, Visibility 10 Miles.

Description (In Witness's Own Words): This was a triangular object darting in the air. It was about the size of a SUV and it had two lights, one was blue, and the other was red. It was extremely fast.  The witness said that a full moon would cover the craft up.  (This was in response to my question in a follow-up interview.  I was trying to determine the apparent size of the craft.)  In the follow-up interview the witness further stated that she and her mother were driving and first spotted the triangle.  The witness said they watched triangle for about 10 to 15 minutes and then drove home to pick up her father.  All three of the family members observed the craft for another five minutes in a different location.  The witness stated that the triangle exhibited kind of a "choreographed movement" that consisted of barrel rolls, diving, and soaring all in a repeated motion. Towards the end of the sighting the witness said that they got closer to the craft and it suddenly disappeared after they looked away for a second.

Investigator's Notes:
 I have asked the witness to provide a drawing of the triangle and have requested a few other details.  The witness responded to all of my questions and provided a nice drawing of what she saw (see above).  Conventional aircraft have red, green, and white lights.  The witness was quite sure that this craft had one red and one blue light. I am not aware of any aircraft that would have a red and blue light in the configuration as shown in the above drawing. I have checked other UFO databases and did not find any UFO sightings in this area at the given date and time. This fact in no way discredits this sighting.

Flying triangles have been a frequent reported phenomenon for the past several years. These triangles could be secret military aircraft, but we don't know for sure. Updates to this case will be posted.