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Sighting Reports 2005

Woman Inadvertently Snaps Photo of Strange Shaped Blue Lights

Photo of Lights Taken in Honolulu, HI (Enlargement of Lights to Upper Left)

Date of Sighting: September 21, 2005
Time of Sighting: 9:46 PM Local Time
Date Reported: November 5, 2005
Duration of Sighting: Few Seconds
Location of Sighting: Honolulu, Hawaii (Near Waikiki Beach)
Latitude:  21.283 Degrees North
Longitude:  157.8333 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Mostly Clear With a Few Scattered Clouds.

Description: The witness did not see these lights. She was taking a photo from a balcony of a hotel near Waikiki Beach.  The photo was a four second timed exposure taken with 8.2 megapixel Canon 20D SLR Digital Camera.  She took the picture while outside (not through any windows).  The photo was taken towards the Northeast. 

Investigator's Notes:  This photo is characteristic of many UFO photos in that the photographer did not see the objects/lights that were photographed.  There is a possibility that the lights are a reflection of the bright lights in the lower center of the photo.  However, the lights are of a light blue (aqua) color so the it is doubtful that they are a reflection of the bright light (white color).  The shapes of these lights are quite unusual and do not resemble any conventional aircraft.  Given the available information I cannot identify these lights. Perhaps with more data and witnesses an identification could be made.