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Sighting Reports 2005

Man & Woman Terrified by Encounter With Lights Shaped Like Human Eye

Location of Sighting on Big Island

Hear Woman Relate Terrifying Ordeal (MP3 - 11 MB)

Date of Sighting: May 21, 2005
Time of Sighting: 1:30 to 3:00 AM
Date Reported: May 21, 2005
Location: Kailua Kona, Hawaii (on Big Island)
Latitude: 19.65377 Degrees North
Longitude: 155.981328 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Two
Number Witnesses Interviewed:
Weather: Heavy Rain Showers in the Area

Description: The female witness phoned in her report on the day that the incident happened.  I interviewed the witness by phone for nearly one hour.  She was quite shaken by her experience and wanted to find out if I had received other similar reports.  I had received no other reports in her area and had never received a report exactly like what she described: 
She and her boyfriend were looking at the moon from their hot tub. A light mist was falling and rain showers would occasionally pass over.  (The moon was bright and visible between clouds at times.)  Her boyfriend first noticed a strange light over the tree tops of his yard.  They both went to investigate.  What followed was 90 minutes of terror.  At first they saw one light.  It would rapidly change shapes and colors.  At times rays of light would shoot out of the light towards the witnesses.  The light would then become a telescope like device and move towards the witnesses.  The light temporarily disappeared only to be followed by more lights (eventually three).  The woman in her terror tried to call her brother on her cell phone.  While making the call the lights approached her and engulfed her in light.  She described that the light went right through her.  The predominant shape of the lights were that of a human eye and the witness said that they "looked alive."  The colors ranged from blue to yellow and were predominantly red.  Eventually the woman said that she dropped to her knees, prayed and closed her eyes for about 10 seconds.  When she opened her eyes the lights were gone.  She also said that the rain really poured when the lights were around.  The rain abruptly stopped when the lights left.  She was so upset by her experience that didn't sleep at all that night.  Her boyfriend was also quite terrified.  They were both sober and were not using drugs.  (They each had a couple of drinks several hours before the incident.)  Neither witness had ever seen a UFO before.  No sound was heard during the entire event and no electrical interference was noted.  No lightning or thunder was noted.  The lights made no sound. The witness called the police.  The police and had not received any reports of the lights.  The police were willing to investigate, but the witness declined their offer.

Investigator's Notes:  This is one of the strangest stories that I have ever heard.  I was amazed at the emotions exhibited by the witness in my phone conversation with her.  She said that the encounter occurred at her boyfriend's residence and was located on a seven acre lot (a small farm).  Many of the residences in the area are on these seven acre lots so the houses are fairly isolated.  She also said that her boyfriend's dog was acting strange about one hour before the event and was growling at something in the woods (in the direction of where the lights were sighted.)  At the time the witness thought that the dog had encountered a wild boar because she could hear that type of sound.  The dog sustained some puncture marks on each side of its nose after the woods encounter.  The witness had not seen this type of wound on the dog before.  The dog went into the house and slept through the entire incident. This case is unexplainable.  I considered ball lighting, but given that no lighting type discharges were occurring and that the lights behaved intelligently eliminates the "ball lighting" possibility.  The lights behaved like intelligent entities and seemed to respond to the witness's emotions.  Not much more can be done with this case.  I would take some environmental readings if I could visit the site.  (E.g. radiation, electromagnetism, etc.)