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Sighting Reports 2005

Strange Being Found Near March Air Force Base

Still Photo of Being Extracted From Video
Still Photo of Being Extracted From Video

Date of Sighting: November, 2005
Time of Sighting: Image From Video Says Time Was 10:16 PM PST
Date Sighting Reported: December 6, 2007
Location of Sighting: Near March Air Force Base (Riverside, CA - S CA 40 MI of Los Angeles)
Latitude: 33.88 Degrees North
Longitude: 117.26 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Not Known

Video can be viewed at the following URL:

Description (Second-Hand): Here is the real story - it was not found in the dumpster, this is where it was placed after finding it. A friend of my brother in-law who wishes to remain anonymous found this creature next to a rock, near what was formally called March Air Force Base, November 2005. The creature has strange long arms, big eyes, and seemed to be growing teeth. As you can see the creature's teeth were growing in number as they were videotaping it. The story I was told, was that this creature was in an area which had lots of foot traffic, people just walked by not paying attention to this little thing hugging a rock, maybe because it blended in so well. But this one person thought this creature looked a bit odd, and out of place. So called out to his friend to come see. The creature looked as if it were dying they did not know what to do, they thought if they put ice around it it would keep it cool, and possibly preserve it. They kept the creature for a short while longer (a few hours), then fear set in and they thought if someone from the military finds out they have it they may get shot. They were thinking this creature may have escaped somehow, or was originally in military hands. Being that they are hispanic in origin, they feared what the U.S. would do to them. So they had a friend of a friend anonymously return it to an Air Force official, assuming this is where the creature originated from. I mentioned how important it is to call a well known UFO research facility, i.e., Mufon, Nuforc, etc. so they can identify this creature, and possibly run some DNA samples, etc. I am currently training to become a MUFON field investigator, however, I have not taken the test. I am assuming this is why my brother in law felt that I should know. I did mention to him that unless they come forward with this and talk to the appropriate parties, this case will never be resolved. Nothing can be proved, or disproved. I have been told that this is not a fake, this is real as real can get, and that the creature was alive at the time it was found. This creature looks to be very small (see video). I do know that one of the persons involved did work for a shipping company near the military base. Please investigate this, as this seems to be the only evidence. I cannot give you much more information about this as there is too much fear around those involved. I hope one day the military official who received this creature will come forth and share his findings with the public, as the public should be aware that their is other lifeforms out there other than ours.

Investigator's Notes: Take this case with a "grain of salt." Unless the witness who took this video is willing to be interviewed little can be said about this video and photo. I have written to the person who submitted the report to see if the witness will consent to an interview. No response has been received. This case is quite likely a hoax, but if more information becomes available it will be posted. See comments below from another investigator in why this case is probably a hoax:

Clearly, the video itself communicates the idea that those involved just happened to find an ET corpse in a box of ice in a dumpster. Yet, according to their story, they found it on a rock and then put it in a box of ice in a dumpster and filmed it. They would later remove it from the dumpster and send it to the military. This is all very roundabout, pointless activity. I think it is a failed hoax attempt. The original story was probably that they found it in a box of ice in a dumpster and filmed it. Then, someone probably pointed out at a later date that ice melts very soon in Los Angeles. I think the average daytime temperature in that area during November is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit -- twice the freezing point. If they had just happened to have stumbled upon an ET corpse in a dumpster, they would have had to find it within an hour or so, maybe sooner, of the time when it was put there, otherwise the ice would already have melted. Perhaps someone pointed out that the ice was still frozen when the film was shot, which suggests, of course, that the people who filmed it put the ice and the corpse in the dumpster by themselves and simply pretended to have found it. This problem probably led them to change their story a bit. That is why it doesn't make any sense. They may have invented a lie to cover a lie. Also, the film cuts out at 10:19:34 and resumes at 10:21:09. Does this mean that they edited the film at a later date, or does it mean that they simply turned it off for a while?