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Sighting Reports 2005

 Man Snaps Photo of Unknown Object Near Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Washington

Photo, Enlargement, and Map Showing Where Sighting Occurred

Date of Sighting: May 14, 2005
Time of Sighting: 1:18 PM PDT
Date Reported: August 16, 2005
Location of Sighting: Oak Harbor Washington (See Red Star on Map Above - About 35 Miles Northwest of Seattle)
Latitude: 48.256 Degrees North
Longitude: 122.793 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Partly Cloudy

Description (In Witness's Own Words):  The object was captured in a digital photograph (object is fuzzy). It appears to be about 400 feet above a barge being towed on the Puget sound, about 3 miles off the Western shore of Whidbey Island, about 3 miles north of Partridge Point. Camera was pointed about 280 degrees magnetic from my front yard about 180 feet above sea level. Camera info: Pentax Optio 30, image is 2048 x 1536 pixels. I only see what appears to be a V shape in the side facing the camera, if it's only a cloud, it's an unusual one. When I took the picture, I did NOT see the object. I only noticed it a month or so ago when I was browsing through my pictures

Investigator's Notes: When I first looked at the photo that the witness sent I thought that perhaps the blurry image (time exposure) could be an airplane.  After looking at the photo the "plane explanation" doesn't fit.  (There is no evidence of a fuselage and wings.)  The object is blurred which means that it was moving fast.   Given that the witness did not see the object means that it probably was moving fast.  I also don't think that the object was a bird or a cloud.  The unknown fact is that we don't know how far away that the object was because of lack of reference points.  The object appears metallic, disk shaped, and has a protrusion coming out of the top. With available data I cannot explain the object in this photo. This photo bears some resemblance to a photo taken in July of 1985 by a movie producer.  In this case the photographer also did not see the object until the film was developed.