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Sighting Reports 2005

Article From French Newspaper Regarding Photo Taken By Young Man of a UFO on Reunion Island (St. Joseph)
- Translated to English -

UFO in St. Joseph's Sky

David had the surprise of his lifetime at 7:48 AM yesterday while he was testing his brand new digital camera.  He was taking some shots of the sky line as his attention was caught focusing on something conspicuous on the display monitor at the back of his camera. He could indeed spot something in the sky background, but what was it exactly he didn't know. Eventually it was not until after downloading the pictures into his laptop computer he became aware he had just got a picture of a UFO.

August 26th, 2005
Detailed account:
Although as we say truth lies elsewhere, David a 25 year old fan of photography didn't believe his eyes at the sight of the picture he had taken in the morning of the previous day. "I had just bought a new digital camera - CANON EOS 350D and was test shooting views from house terrace that overlooks the city of Saint Joseph and the sea in the background" he quotes. Upon viewing the pictures on the camera monitor display I could see a kind of dot in the background of the sky, which I first thought was from a dust particle on the camera lens. But to my amazement after zooming in I suddenly realized it was something else.


It couldn't have been a dust particle the more so as it can't be seen neither on previous shots from the same scene a minute earlier.

He rushed out of his "observatory" in excitement to feverishly download the picture into the computer. That was the shock of his life "I was all in shudder and immediately understood that it was not something very common, probably a UFO." He still can't believe his eyes. "It's beyond my understanding as one minute before I shot the same view." In fact the picture records show the time of the previous picture 7:46 AM clear sky with the sea and the city below. On the picture taken less than two minutes later: Same blue sky background except for a grey object that stands out against it. One could even believe it is hanging to something for the picture. "I wanted to test the fastest shutter speed and set the 1/4000th of a second speed for pictures "David adds: "As my CANON EOS 350D has an 8 megapixel resolution, the picture was still sharp after zooming in"; he is still dumbfounded at that stage. David has got to pull himself together as he has to leave for Saint Pierre by car (his work place).  His elder brother will take the matter into his hands and starts calling the Reunion Astronomical Observatory at Les Makes inquiring about a possible sighting by someone else. The answer was no one else had seen anything. Then he called up the control tower at Pierrefond airport to get the same reply. And no flight plan had been submitted for the Saint Joseph area on that day. The weather service confirmed no balloon had been launched due to the 30 knot trade winds. The camera was eventually brought to the Gendarmerie (para military police). Where he was told upon the evidence an official investigation would start. The following day, David was summoned at the same police station as a main witness in the matter fro further investigation. The matter is taken very seriously and no explanation is put aside.