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Sighting Reports 2005

Man Takes Videos of Flying Triangles, "V" Shaped Objects, & Egg Shaped Objects Using High Tech. Thermal Imaging Camera

Footage Taken on April 16, 2006 at 10:35 PDT
Click on Image to Play Video
 (Speed Slowed From 30 to 10 Frames/Sec.)
Object Was Moving Towards the East

Video Taken February 8, 2006
Click on Image to Play Video
 Object Flies Towards Airplane & Passes to The Right of Airplane
(Note: Airplane & Object Could be at Much Different Altitudes)

Video Taken Jan. 24, 2006
Click on Image to Play Video
(Object Will Appear Faintly in
Lower Part of Screen After
Aircraft Moves Out of View)

Click on Above Photo of Triangle to View Video (Taken Sep. 30, 2005)
 (Windows Media 980K)

Click on Picture Above to Play Video (Taken Aug. 31, 2005)
(5.2 MB - Can be Viewed With Windows Media Player)

Click on Picture to Play Video (Taken Sep. 6, 2005)
(5.0 MB - Can be Viewed With Windows Media Player)

Click on Picture to Play Video (Taken Sep. 16, 2005)
(775 KB - Can be Viewed With Windows Media Player)

Photo Taken of Thermo Imaging Camera Setup

Date: August 31, 2005 (Flying Triangle Video)
10:10 PM PDT

Date: September 6, 2005  (Egg Shaped Objects Video)
Time: 11:02 PM PDT

Location: South Part of Bellevue, Washington
Latitude: 47.5189 Degrees North
Longitude: 122.18 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One

Description (As Described by Photographer): I have some very interesting UFO videos on DVD taken with unique thermal imaging camera system. The video was made using a 760 thermal imaging camera. This is a rare and expensive camera that has a broad range of temperature sensing. The videos were made with settings spanning in the -60 to -5 degrees Fahrenheit range, as indicated in the 760 data logger bar in the lower part of the screen of the video. The camera does not detect visible photons; it only reads very long wavelength invisible photons, regardless of day or night viewing. The DVD recorder used to record the video data is simply a $200 consumer unit.

One of my hobbies is astrophotography and I'm also a member of a local astronomical group. I also have an infrared night vision monocular. I was initially disappointed with using this thermal camera because it could not resolve stars or other celestial object of interest other than a minimal detection of the moon's surface. (This is due to our atmosphere and space isolating heat transfer from very distant objects to the camera imager.) Soon, a commercial jet flew overhead and the camera resolved detail and heat with no problems. I set up the DVD recorder to capture heat trails of aircraft and also hoped to capture any meteors. Within minutes of using this camera, I recorded two very low surface temperature (-30 degree) flying objects. One object looked like a "boomerang" and the other like a "wing". Both were invisible to the infrared night vision monocular and both were silent in operation. They also moved very slow. About 30 minutes later the "boomerang" was recorded again. The following nights I've recorded a flying "V" object several times (see one of video footages above).  The thermal imaging device shows that the "V" objects have a very low temperature and no audible propulsion. I also recorded something that looks like a "long cigar" that changes shape. There are dozens of recordings of a higher temperature flying "cylinders". These cylinders will "quantum leap" in speed at what appears to be random. The videos are not a hoax, they are genuine. I also took footage of two rising egg shaped objects (see above).

Investigator's Notes: I and several of my colleagues have been present when the cameraman has taken some of these footages.  The anomalies captured in these videos have never been visible either to the naked eye or through night-time vision binoculars.  We have observed many conventional phenomena that would be picked up with infrared cameras like falling leaves, insects, birds, and conventional aircraft.  The anomalies listed on this site are not likely to be due to any of these conventional phenomena.  The gentleman who captures these footages is highly talented and has an extensive knowledge of cameras, infrared imaging devices, and computers.  He is an amateur astro-photographer and has taken photos equal in quality to photos taken by the Hubble telescope.  More pictures and videos will be posted in the future.