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Sighting Reports 2005

Man Sees Bright Orange Sphere In Early Evening Sky
- Tujunga, California -


Photo of Location Where UFO Sighted in Tujunga, CA

Date of Sighting: February 7, 2005
Time: 5:40 AM PST
Date Reported: February 18, 2005
Location: Tujunga, California (About 20 Miles NW of Pasadena)
Latitude: 34.25184 Degrees N
Longitude: 118.27624
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Clear Skies

Description (In Witnesses Own Words): It came from behind the mountain, and was going south at an upward angle towards the moon that was full. It was a sphere, and at the beginning it was bright orange, and when the sun light reflected off it, it was brighter then a star, and at this moment it left at a high rate of speed, and left earth. I've been seeing these UFOs for over 30 years. By day these UFOs are white, and they come and go from this area often, and I have coordinates of the possibility of locating a base. When I first saw these UFOs they would go up to the edge of the atmosphere and would stop, and in ten seconds it would flash like a camera, and it would leave at a high rate of speed, and now they don't need to stop. Their speed is so great, in five seconds they are gone.

Investigator's Notes: The witness answered my questions in a follow-up email.  He said that he observed the object from his home and that the object made no sound.  He also confirmed the time as 05:40 AM PST.  The witness clearly believes he saw a UFO and regularly sees UFOs.  The sighting occurred in daylight (about sunrise).  Sightings in daylight are less likely to be misinterpreted than are nighttime sightings.  Most UFO sightings occur at night.  Although I can't identify this sighting, a personal interview with the witness and an onsite visit might yield more information.  An investigator who works with me went on a trip to California and attempted to contact the witness.  The witness was not home, but the investigator took photos of the area where the sighting occurred.  (See above photo.) I have also learned that the Tujunga, California area is a "hot-spot" for UFO sightings.  A MUFON investigator named Preston Dennett wrote a book in 1999 titled "UFOs Over Topanga Canyon."  In the book he mentions that both Topanga and Tujunga Canyon are "hot-spots" for UFO sightings.