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Sighting Reports 2006

Couple Spot 9 Small Objects & 2 Larger Oval Objects in Circular Pattern

Photo of Pattern of Circular Lights Taken in Eastern Texas
Witness Stated That Lights Look Similar to Lights in This Photo Taken in Eastern Texas
(Photo Courtesy of

Date: July 23 , 2006
7:54 PM PDT
Duration of Sighting: Over 30 Minutes
Location: South Part of Bellevue, Washington
Latitude: 47.5189 Degrees North
Longitude: 122.18 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Two
Number of Witnesses Interviewed: One

Weather: Clear Skies. Visibility 10 Miles.

Description (In Witness's Own Words): My wife was sitting on the backyard bench and had been observing what she thought were bright stars in the sky. She had been observing them for what she said was about 30 minutes. She finally called for me and asked to look at all the stars. I replied "You can't see any stars during daylight hours; only Venus is visible during daylight." When I looked up I initially could not see anything. I though she was nuts for that moment. My vision is 20/20, but her vision is better than 20/15 . I ran into the house for binoculars and pointed them where my wife was observing. I observed small star like objects about nine total in a circular pattern along with two larger oval object that appeared to have a darker band running through them. They all appeared metallic; but one appeared to have a slight orange hue to it. The objects were moving very slow in different directions., but remained in a circular pattern. The object were viewed about a 60 degree angle South of my back yard. I quickly ran back into the house to fetch my telescope and brought the scope outside with no tripod for a quick set up and observation. The telescope was set up in less than a minute but the objects were no longer visible. I panned around for a few minutes with binoculars and spotted one of the objects. It was not moving and I moved the telescope to that area. Again the object was no longer visible. It was both exciting and very frustrating as I really wanted a close up look at these objects through the powerful telescope. My wife said the had noticed the star like objects were changing patterns to triangular formations just before they disappeared. She said only one moved away, but the others just simply faded away.

Investigator's Notes: I know both of the witnesses and consider them both reliable. The witness accurately stated that stars are not visible during the daytime. Outside of the moon Venus is the only celestial body visible during the daytime. Clearly nine objects (11 counting the two oval shaped objects) would not be Venus. Given the information regarding this sighting and comparing to the similar photo above identified by the witness I have no explanation for this sighting.