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Sighting Reports 2006

Vacationeers Take Photos of Scenary in Italy
Later Notice Strange Object in One of Photos

Object and an Enlargement of Object Taken Near Chianti, Italy

Map of Italy. Chianti is in Tuscan Region in Northwestern Italy
Chianti is in NW Italy
(Tuscan Region)

Date of Sighting: July 20, 2006
Time of Sighting: 4:30 to 5 PM Local Time
Date Sighting Reported: April 26, 2007
Location: Chianti Italy (See Map Above.)
Latitude: 43.1 Degrees North
Longitude: 11.6 Degrees East
Number of Witnesses: Object Was Not Seen Visually. The Object Was Discovered on Photo
Weather: Photo Shows That Skies Were Clear

Description (In Witness's Own Words): You are the only site with email I could find to send this picture to as this was not a sighting so to speak. My wife and I along with another couple were in the Tuscan region of Italy last July, in the Chianti area. I took this picture of the country side and castle, but when I shot it I did not recall seeing the object in the sky. Is this an optical illusion? I am sure you see a lot of these, so I am hoping you can tell me if it was an object. The Picture was taken on July 20, 2006. I am not sure how to enhance the photo. It was taken with my digital camera and I believe I had the resolution set on 5. Do you think a photo lab could do anything with it?

Second Report by Witness: In this report the witness responded to all my questions. He stated that the time of the photo was between 4:30 and 5:00 PM local time. He stated that the direction of the photo was to the SSW. The witness also stated that he was driving on a gravel road at about 10 mph when the photo was taken.

Investigator's Notes: I don't believe that the object is an optical illusion. The blowup shows a metallic object with a bright spot indicating reflection of the sun. A Kodak Easyshare Z740 Digital Camera (5 megapixel resolution) was used to take the photo. In a second report the witness stated that his camera was set on a lower resolution (4.4) to conserve space on his camera so that he could store more pictures. The maximum pixel resolution for this camera is 5 megapixel so it is not known what pixel resolution a setting of 4.4 would yield. The resolution setting of 4.4 is slightly different than the "5" setting in his original report. I don't know what the witness photographed. I don't believe that it was a spot on the lens or other camera anomaly. I believe that a metallic object was photographed. The blowup shows some "pixel distortion" around the object. The witness sent me the original photo and I have no reason to suspect that the photo was edited. (The camera attributes were stored with the file. Normally editing removes these attributes.) The only discrepancy that I have found is that it appears to me that the sun was at the back of the witness when the photo was taken. This would be inconsistent with the SSW direction that the witness stated as the direction of the photo. At 4:30 to 5:00 PM the sun should have been on the left side of the photo. Perhaps the witness was inaccurate in his recollection of the direction. Further analysis has indicated that no string or suspension apparatus was found associated with the object. Therefore I have no reason to believe that this photo was hoaxed.