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Sighting Reports 2006

Several Witnesses See UFO Hovering At O'Hare Airport - Chicago

Photo of Sam Maranto and William Puckett.
Photo Taken at 2007 MUFON Symposium
William Puckett Left & Sam Maranto Right
Sam is MUFON Director for Illinois

November 7, 2006 - O'Hare International Airport - Chicago, Illinois

- Recent Analysis Reveals That Some Radar Data May Not Have Been Released by FAA

- FAA Tower Logs Reveal That United Airlines Reported Flying Disc to FAA
- View Copy of Official FAA Tower Log (PDF)

- Voice Tapes (MP3) Reveal Discussion of Flying Disk:

- Tape 1 (4:30 - 4:32 PM CST) - United Reports Disk to FAA Area Supervisor

- Tape 2 (4:52 - 4:53 PM CST) - Inquiry to Tower Regarding Sighting of Flying Disk

- Tape 3 (4:47 - 4:49 PM CST) - United Confirms Flying Disk to FAA Operations Manager

- Tape 4 (4:55 - 5:00 PM CST) - FAA Incoming Ground Control Alerts Pilots That Flying Disk Sighted at Airport Gate

- Further Analysis Reveals That Cloud Layer Over 7,000 Feet Thick
- What Could Blow a Hole in a 7,000 Foot Cloud??

- Comparison of Radar Echoes Before Disk Was Sighted and After Disk Was   Sighted Reveal Unusual Pattern (See Below):

Click on Map Below To View Full Size Map
Click on Map Below To View Full Size Map
Radar Map From 4:25 to 4:29 PM CST Radar Map From 4:30 to 4:35 PM CST
Plot of FAA Radar Returns 4:25 to 4:29 CST
Plot of FAA Radar Returns 4:30 to 4:35 CST
Legend: Radar Echoes Are Designated as Circles With Black Center & White Edges

Discussion: The radar plot from 4:25 to 4:29 CST shows only one echo within several miles of the O'Hare Terminal and Gate C17 (denoted as red cross on map). The flying disk was first sighted at 4:30 CST and apparently hovered for several minutes before departing at a rapid rate of speed. Although no radar returns were seen at gate C17 several returns appeared about 0.5 miles west of the runway from 4:30 to 4:35 CST when the disk was in sight. This is an unusual occurrence. One would think that if the echoes were birds or some other phenomenon detected by radar that the pattern wouldn't be specific to when the flying disk was present.

Doppler Weather Radar Image of O'hare Airport
Weather Radar Showing One Return About 0.3 MI S. of Gate C17
Click on Map to View Larger Image

Discussion: Doppler weather radar was analyzed using three sets of data. The first set was from 4:25 PM CST, the second from 4:35 PM CST (flying disk was visible at this time), and the third at 4:45 PM CST. The analysis showed that only the 4:35 PM dataset showed any echoes close to where the disk had been sighted (Gate C17). The other two datasets did not show any echoes (returns) close to Gate C17.