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Sighting Reports 2006

Man Sees Two Silver Objects Move Erratically in Daytime Sky

Location of Sighting

Date of Sighting: March 7, 2006
Time of Sighting:
3 to 3:30 PM EST
Date Reported: March 7, 2006
Duration of Sighting: 10 Minutes
Location of Sighting: Elmwood Park New Jersey (See Map Above)
Latitude:  40.9 Degrees North
Longitude:  74.12 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Clear Skies

Description:  The witness reported his sighting via phone.  He at first thought that the two objects were balloons, but soon realized that they were not balloons.  One object moved rapidly and then disappeared.  The other object disappeared and then reappeared.  The remaining object then moved in a circle, did a U turn and then disappeared. 

Investigator's Notes: I need to obtain more details from the witness.  His phone recorded message was somewhat confusing and I will need to confirm exactly what aerobatic maneuvers that the objects displayed. Given current information I have no explanation for what the witness observed.