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Sighting Reports 2006

Several Witnesses See Light Move in Zig-Zag Motion

Map Showing Goldsboro, North Carolina

Date of Sighting: August 28, 2006
Time of Sighting: 9 to 9:10 EDT
Date Reported: August 31, 2006
Duration of Sighting:
About 3 Minutes
Location of Sighting: Goldsboro, North Carolina (East-Central North Carolina - See Map)
Latitude: 35.38 Degrees North
Longitude: 78.0 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Several (Exact Number Not Known)
Number of Witnesses Interviewed: One
Weather: Clear

Description: The witness called immediately after experiencing the sighting. He was quite excited by what he saw and did not believe that it was a satellite or meteor. He was having a barbecue at the time and noticed a dimly lit light move northward in a "zig-zag" pattern. He said that the light made about a 45 degree angle with the horizon. He stated that object was movely towards Graham, North Carolina (to the north).

Investigator's Notes: The witness was quite excited by what he saw. This fact is evident because he reported the sighting right away. I don't believe that the witness sighted a satellite or meteor given the characteristics that he described. Perhaps with more witnesses and information an identification could be made.