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Youth Sees Flying Disk.  Four Orbs Appear Close to Disk.


Date of Sighting: February 8, 2006
Time of Sighting: 8 to 8:30 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Granite Falls, Washington (11 Miles Northeast of Everett)
Duration of Sighting: 30 Minutes
Latitude: 48.08 Degrees North
Longitude: 122.0 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Clear Skies. Visibility 10 Miles.

Description (In Witness's Own Words): I don’t believe this Will. The craft has returned again! (Note: Witness is referring to a sighting that he experienced earlier this year.) Click here to read about this sighting. Different location though but very close to my home. It was around 8:00 pm when it returned. I Left the house by a series of trails in that bordered the forest boundaries between our property and our neighbors. On the other side of the forest is a large field of light brush territory. As I sat there on a stump at the edge of the field the disk rocketed overhead disappearing above the trees tops. I was quite stunned to see it again. After it was out of sight about 15 seconds later were its four orb companions. They were obviously not able to keep up with their big friend. As the orbs passed one of them apparently got confused and stopped over the field circling about. A minute later, one of the other orbs came back darting around its confused friend as though signaling to follow. Hey left as quickly as they came and went off to search fro their friends. I’m feeling frazzled by seeing The UFO come back again. It’s almost as though they keep coming to observe or something. Or some other form of living activity around here. I’ll have to start packing a camera on my outside jaunts. I would like my name to be used. I’d feel more recognized and known should people know who I am.

Investigator's Notes: This witness has claimed to have experienced multiple sightings of strange craft.  At this point we can't discount his sightings, but more evidence is necessary to accept his observations.  The witness said that he is 15 years old.  (His young age does not necessarily lessen the veracity of his sighting, but makes it more probable that he may be mistaking conventional phenomena for something that he perceives as out of the ordinary.)