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Sighting Reports 2006

Teen Claims to Have Experienced Another "Close Encounter"

Map Showing Location of Granite Falls, Washington

Date of Sighting: October 2, 2006
Time of Sighting: 2:30 AM PDT
Date Reported: October 11, 2006
Location of Sighting: Granite Falls, Washington (11 Miles Northeast of Everett, Washington)
Duration of Sighting: Unknown
Latitude: 48.08 Degrees North
Longitude: 122.0 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Cloudy Skies. Cloud Ceiling 5,000 Feet. Visibility 10 Miles.

Description (In Witness's Own Words): I went into the kitchen to quench my thirst when I experienced a feeling I’ve only felt two times before. When a blazed of light poured into the room I knew immediately what it was. I tried to contact this site as it happened but I couldn't get through. All I got was static. My cats were on the counter staring and growling as they saw the domed craft brushing the tips of the trees. As before it was joined by its 4 orb companions, though following the ship in a bizarre drunken path. After two minutes of circling it stopped just in view of the kitchen window. It turned its blinding searchlight on me. I covered my ears expecting the shrieking I heard previously. I heard something in my head. It was the voice of a woman who spoke in clear English and said," We Armisael are sorry for hurting you. Communication very different and difficult. We like it here and may come back again"I was stunned beyond life. Someone on that ship had spoken to me, and told me who they were in one word. The light turned off, and the ship blazed straight into the sky with the orbs close beside it.

Investigator's Notes: This same witness has reported similar incidents during the past year:
1. February 8, 2006 (Read Report.)
2. May 16, 2006 (Read Report

Another investigator and myself have interviewed this witness. He seems intelligent and not to be deceptive. There is no other corroborating evidence or other witnesses to support his story. Therefore the veracity of this case soley rests on the credibility of this witness.