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Sighting Reports 2006

Woman Snaps Photo of White Object at Idaho Falls, ID on July 20, 2006

Photo and blowup of White Object photographed on July 20, 2006 at Idaho Falls, Idaho
Photo and Blowup of Object

Date of Sighting: July 20, 2006
Time of Sighting: Near Sunset (Close to 9 PM MDT)
Date Reported: July 23, 2006
Location of Sighting: Idaho Falls, Idaho (Eastern Idaho)
Latitude: 43.5 Degrees North (Airport)
Longitude: 111.8 Degrees West (Airport)
Number of Witnesses: Two
Number of Witnesses Interviewed: One
Weather: Partly Cloudy Skies. Visibility 10 Miles

Description (In Witness's Own Words): I noticed this object in the sky. I thought it was the moon.   It wasn't because the moon was in back of us.   I took the pictures.  The sun was shining on the one object.  That is what we were looking at.   When I blew the picture up,  I noticed two other objects that were darker in the top of the sky.   I cut both objects out of the picture and blew them up.   I then brought out the dark and lights in the picture  and this is the objects that I seen.   The one object that was shiny had a halo around it.  Please take a close look and let me know what you think.  This photo was taken on July 20, 2006.

Second Report: I took the photos around Sunset to the West.   I noticed the object in the sky and asked my husband if that was the moon.  It was really close to us then.  He said he thought it was an airplane coming into the airport.  We were driving home, and I kept watching it and it wasn't moving, just staying in one place.  By the time we got home, my husband went and got the field glasses and my camera.  It had moved towards the mountain.  I started taking pictures only one turned out clear.  We didn't notice the two darker objects above the picture until I put film in the computer.  The object was going East to West.  The object was floating.  We lost site of the object after the sun went down.  It appeare that the sun was shining on it to make it glow.

Investigators's Notes: I first thought that this object could have been a cloud, but given the description provided by the witness that is a doubtful explanation. The witness found two smaller darker objects in the photo not readily visible. She also blew up the bright object which revealed a "halo." These other photo enlargements are not displayed. Given the facts and information with this case I have no explanation. Any updates will be posted.