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Sighting Reports 2006

Woman Snaps Photo of Unknown Aerial Object


Photo of Two Objects Taken in Portland, Oregon
Witness Added Circles: White Circle Highlights Object
Blue Circle is a Camera "Defect"

Date of Sighting: July 10, 2006
Date Reported: July 11, 2006
Time of Sighting: 4:00 PM PDT
Duration of Sighting: About 5 Minutes
Location: Portland, Oregon
Latitude:  45.47 Degrees North
Longitude:  122.57 Degrees West

Number of Witnesses: Two
Number Interviewed: One
Weather: Partly Cloudy

Description (In Witness's Own Words): However, this latest object yesterday (Monday) in the late afternoon just before 4:00 pm,  I am POSITVE what I saw was NOT a bird, balloon, or plane, although to view this video it might look like that to you... but it wasn't. I was in my home office room, and working on my computer. I took a break and looked out my office window that faces east. I turned to look in the SE direction and about 70 degrees above from my view, I saw something VERY strange! I watched it for about 10 seconds, as it just hovered in one place -- it looked to be sort of like vibrating.. it was very odd how it hovered in one spot. I can't tell how high it was but it seemed to be just under the broken cloud cover but I could see it very well against the white clouds. My first view of what it looked like with just my EYES while observing this from my office window looked a bit like this below. (I drew this as best as I could using Paintbrush) There was a strange affect around this object as well.. like it was vibrating or something:

Drawing of Object Sighted by Witness
Witness Provided the Above Drawing to Show
What the Object Looked Like to the Naked Eye

The open slit seen in the drawing stayed that way while I observed it. It did not move in a forward or backward direction. It just seemed to vibrate and it hovered in one spot. After about 10 seconds of watching this, to be sure it was not a balloon or bird, I then grabbed my DV Camcorder. I ran into my living room to tell my husband to grab the binoculars and told him to look out to the SE. While he was getting his binoculars, I looked out my living room window that also faces East and still saw the object  hovering above. I then ran through the kitchen, threw on some shoes, and went out to my back yard to the EAST corner of my property. The object was still up there, but now higher and still vibrating there silently. I have a hard time finding things in the lens or the LCD view on my DV Camcorder (especially if something is very small). I kept trying to point the camera in the direction of where I saw it with my eyes and zoom in and out. When I looked through the lens, I could not find it. (very frustrating! )  I tried to tape for a few seconds , then I would lower my camera to look up at it. I could see it with my eyes, then I tried to video tape it again and could not find it in the lens, then I lowered my camera to look for it again, but then it was completely gone!  (VERY frustrating!) I waited for about  8-10 minutes longer, scanning the skies, but could not find it. When I went back inside, I asked my husband if he could see it .. but he could not find it with the 10X binoculars. Usually I try to point out where it is for him, but I did not have time to do that while I was trying to video tape the object. Then used a simple program to retrieve the video from my DV camcorder (via Firewire) to put this on my computer in AVI format so I could view this closer. At first, I thought I did not capture it at all, but there are are a few frames where I did capture it - I just could not see it in the camera lens when I tried to tape this.

Investigator's Notes: I have received a few reports from this same witness this year. She seems to be one of a number of individuals who attract aerial objects. I have had several reports this year of UFO activity in the Portland and the Eugene-Springfield, Oregon areas. The object is too small in the photo to make an identification, but given what the witness reported she saw it doesn't sound like a conventional aircraft, bird, or balloon. Therefore with available data I have no explanation for this sighting. Another sighting was reported in the Portland area on same day. (Click here to read that report.) It is not known if these reports pertain to the same object.