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Sighting Reports 2007

Man Sees Round Metallic Object in Mid Day Sky

Date of Sighting: June 27, 2006 (Estimated Date.)
Time of Sighting: 11 AM CDT
Date Sighting Reported: July 8, 2007
Duration of Sighting: About 2 Minutes
Location of Sighting: Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin - S-Central WI About 30 MI NW of Madison)
Latitude: 43.29 Degrees North
Longitude: 89.72 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Official Weather Observation for Nearby Madison Indicated Cloudy Skies With a Ceiling of 2,500 Feet. Visibility Was 10 Miles. This Observation Differs From the Witness's Report Which Indicated Sunny Skies. The Witness is Not Certain of the Exact Date of the Sighting so This Difference is Not Significant.

Description (In Witness's Own Words): I was on my way back from the dentist office from a checkup on my teeth. I thought I saw a round circular object in the sky that had a metallic reflection and it was bright and shiny considering that the sun was bright that day. I was heading southwest turning onto County Road O. I didn't have any gas nor drugs in me since I had the work done without it considering my body is used to the Nitrous Oxide and the numbing stuff didn't work earlier that year. I watched it hover over the trees for about two minutes before looking down on my clock in my truck to see the time and document it down and take pictures, but when I looked up it was gone. I didn't even turn my head down for no more than ten seconds which is why I think it was a UFO considering no man made things are like that and disappear without a trace.

Investigator's Notes: Daytime sightings of hovering, circular objects that abruptly disappear certainly are not conventional aircraft. Sightings of this nature have been occurring for 60 years. They were unidentified in 1947 and they remain unidentified today!