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Sighting Reports 2007

Man Takes Several Photos.
Later Notices Strange Object in 2 of the Photos


Image and Blowup of UFO Taken Facing Southeastward Image Taken of UFO and Blowup Facing Due South
Anaconda, MT -- Noon MDT (Facing SE)
(Object and Blowup)
Anaconda, MT -- Noon MDT (Facing S) - 8 Sec. Later
(Object and Blowup)

Anaconda is in Western Montana West of the Continental Divide
Anaconda is in SW Montana West of The Continental Divide

Date of Sighting: May 19, 2007
Time of Sighting:
About Noon MDT (Photos Were Taken About 8 Seconds Apart.)
Date Sighting Reported:
May 27, 2007
Duration of Sighting:
(Only Few Seconds. - Objects Were Not Seen)
Location of Sighting:
Anaconda, Montana (See Map Above)
Latitude: 46.12 Degrees North
Longitude: 112.95 Degrees West
Weather: Partly Cloudy Skies. (A Thunderstorm With Extensive Hail Occurred a Few Minutes After the Photos Were Taken.)

Description: The witness was working on his property to the north of Anaconda. (He is building a house and plans to relocate there in the near future.) He was taking photos of the Anaconda area to the south. When he returned home he noticed some objects in two of the photos. (He snapped several other photos which did not show the objects.) Upon blowing up the photos he noticed the strange shapes of the objects. At that point he reported the sighting. He used A Canon PowerShot S3 IS Digital Camera to take the photos. This camera has a maximum resolution of 6 megapixels. (The witness stated that he used the highest resolution setting to take the photos.) He stated that the first photo above was taken in "wide angle" mode.

Investigator's Notes: Again we have someone taking photos and then later discovering unknown artifacts on the photos. The blowups of both photos reveal objects of strange shapes. I don't know what these objects could be. They don't fit the configuration of balloons, birds, kites, or any conventional aircraft. The witness did not hear or see anything unusual at the time the photos were taken. He did not see any conventional aircraft in the sky at the time. There is a possibility that the object could be an insect, but this is speculation. I do not believe that the photos were hoaxed nor do I believe that the objects are due to a camera anomaly or debris on the lens. (Other photos in the same session did not reveal any anomalies and the objects were not present.) The original date, time, and camera stamps were associated with the photos indicating that it was unlikely that the photos had been edited with any graphics software.