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Sighting Reports 2007

Woman Sees Lights Appear, Disappear,
and Reappear in Different Part of Sky

Map Showing Location of Burton, Nebraska. Burton is in Extreme Northeast Nebraska
Map Showing Location of Burton, Nebraska.
Burton is in Extreme Northeast Nebraska

Date of Sighting: October 22, 2007
Time of Sighting: Evening (Exact Time Unknown)
Date Sighting Reported: October 25, 2007
Duration of Sighting: 3 to 4 Minutes (Witness Quit Watching Lights)
Location of Sighting: Near Burton, Nebraska (See Map)
Latitude: 42.91 Degrees North
Longitude: 99.6 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One (On Other Occasions the Witness's Family Sees the Lights.)
Weather: Clear Skies. Good Visibility. (Per Witness Observation.)

Description (In Witness's Own Words): Like so many others we are reluctant to say anything about these lights because of obvious reasons. We started seeing the lights several years ago in August and then in March so when I was driving home Monday evening (10-22-07) I was surprised to see one. I saw it and told myself it was just a star but true to form it disappeared. This is in a cloudless sky. Then it reappeared in several seconds some distance away. It did this one or two more times and was gone. Tonight (10-24-07) I again saw the light, it disappeared and when it reappeared, some distance away, there were 4 or 5 lights in a straight line, the first two brighter and the others lighter so it was hard to tell if there were 4 or 5. They disappeared in about 5 seconds and I watched for 3 or 4 minutes and then drove on. We live in a very rural area so the stars are very vivid because of lack of artificial lights. The lights we see are always more orange. My husband has seen these on a number of occasions also. The first time we saw them they were lower and east of our home where there are absolutely no lights nor electricity, too low to be stars and too high to be a vehicle, also there are no roads there. I noticed there was something sighted near Platte, SD the other night. We are not so very far from Platte in a straight line. From the little village of Burton, NE we live 2 miles south, 1 east and 1 SE. This is where we have seen most of the lights, although this week I have been on NE highway 12, probably about 2 miles west of Burton. It's late, but I just wanted to get this e-mail sent tonight. I just found your site and think it is very interesting. Tonight the sky was very clear. There is just no way these lights are stars, too orange in color and the way they appear and disappear in a different location so fast.

Investigator's Notes: The witness's description is similar to the lights sighted near Platte, South Dakota and Kimball, South Dakota on the same night (October 22, 2007). Click here to read about Platte, South Dakota sighting and click here to read about the Kimball, South Dakota sighting. Platte is about 50 miles northeast of Burton and Kimball is about 25 miles north of Platte. This witness has seen these same lights on other occasions. Calls were made to the closest Air Force Bases (Ellsworth near Rapid City, South Dakota and Offutt Near Omaha, Nebraska.) The public affairs officer at Ellsworth said that no exercises are conducted in the area of the sightings. The officer at Offutt did call back regarding my inquiry. A later report received from Colume, South Dakota suggests that the source of lights on October 22 could have been military flares dropped from aircraft. Click here to read about the Colume, South Dakota sighting.