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Sighting Reports 2007

Man Sees Huge Boomerang Shaped Object With 1 Light

Date of Sighting: November 2 or 4, 2007
Time of Sighting: 8:30 to 9:00 PM EST
Date Sighting Reported: January 15, 2008
Duration of Sighting: About 2 Minutes
Location of Sighting: On I75 Close to and to the South of Dayton, Ohio
Latitude: 39.58 Degrees North (Estimated)
Longitude: 84.24 Degrees West (Estimated)
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Clear Skies. Stars Visible.

Description: Listen to recording of witness report (MP3)
The witness left a voice-mail of his report. The witness was later interviewed and provided more details regarding his sighting. He was driving north on I75 from Cincinnati to Dayton. As he was nearing Dayton he drove by a "rest stop" area. He noticed a bright light in the distance. As he approached he noticed that the light was a large boomerang shaped object moving very slowly (30 to 40 MPH). He drove right under the object. He said that he heard no sound from the object. The object had one large bright light.

Comments: This is one of several sightings of slow moving, large triangle and boomerang shaped objects that have been noted since the late 1980s. The identity of these objects is still unknown.