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Sighting Reports 2007

Seven Witness Bright "Eye Catching" Light
(From Two Locations)

Article About UFO Sighting From May 18, 2007 Issue of Daily Astorian, Oregon Newspaper
Article About Sighting in May 18, 2007 Issue of Daily Astorian News

Map Showing Location of Gearhart and Warrenton, Oregon
Gearhart and Warrenton Oregon Are in Extreme Northwest Oregon
Gearhart is About 10 Miles South of Camp Rilea National Guard Base

Warrenton is About 2 Miles North of Camp Rilea

Date of Sighting: May 11, 2007
Time of Sighting: 10:15 PM PDT (Warrenton) & 10:17 PM PDT (Gerhart)
Date Sighting Reported: May 21, 2007
Duration of Sighting: 4 Minutes (Gerhart) 1 Minute (Warrenton)
Location of Sighting: Gearhart & Warrenton, Oregon (Northwest Oregon - See Map Above)
Latitude: 46.0 Degrees North (Gearhart)
Longitude: 123.91 Degrees West (Gearhart)
Latitude: 46.15 Degrees North (Warrenton)
Longitude: 123.92 Degrees West (Warrenton)
Number of Witnesses: Four Witnesses in Gearhart & Three Witnesses in Warrenton
Number of Witnesses Interviewed: Two (One From Each Location)
Weather: Clear Skies. Visibility 10 Miles
Astronomical Data: No Bright Planets Were Visible in the Direction Where The Sighting Occurred. Jupiter Rose About 10:40 PM PDT in the East-Northeast. (This Was About 25 Minutes After The Sighting Occurred.)
Visible Satellites: There Were No Visible Satellites at The Time of Sighting. Iridium #33 Was Visible in the Area of the Sky Where the Light Was Sighted About 30 Minutes Later.

Description (In Witness's Own Words - Gearhart, Oregon): My sister-in-law stepped outside to check on a skunk smell. She noticed a bright light coming out of the NE. During the sighting two other relatives showed up and witnessed it too. One of them came into the house and told me about it and I came out and watched it for about 1 1/2 minutes. The light traveled from the NE towards the SE and faded and then disappeared.

The light moved in a "whimsical" path, jigging somewhat on occasion and appeared to briefly stop sometimes.

The light itself was an "eye-stopper." It looked like no aviation light I've ever seen. It was as bright as Venus and maybe a little bigger. It was a single light and nothing could be seen other than the light. The light strobed very rapidly, red, white, blue and/or green (not necessarily in that sequence). There was no sound.

The other witnesses may or may not be contacting you. What they saw was pretty much a shocker to them.

A Reporter for The Daily Astorian Newspaper called the Coast Guard and they had no infromation of anything unusual. Another possibility might be some unusual drone from Camp Rilea (National Guard Training Area). Camp Rilea is just of north of here. (See map above.) I have heard that their drones are supposed to remain out over the ocean.

Description (In Witness's Own Words - Warrenton, Oregon): On May 11, 2007 we sighted the same object as the Gearhart people. It was about 10:15 PMand we are located in Warrenton, OR. I looked at it for about one minute as it crossed the sky going south. It was flashing an array of colors. There were three of us that saw it and we thought at the time it could be a UFO.

Investigator's Notes: The witnesses in both locations sighted a light which appeared to be quite unusual to them. The light was likely some type of aircraft and not an astronomical phenomenon. A plot of visible satellite tracks has shown that the light was not a satellite. I also don't believe that it was re-entering space junk because there was no "fragmentation" or a downward trajectory. The witnesses described an apparent stopping and starting behavior, plus somewhat of an erratic path of movement. Given available information I can't speculate what the witnesses saw. However, the sighting was close to a military base so the possibility exists that the craft could have originated from there. Using witness information on sighting times we can roughly compute the speed of the object as 240 MPH. This assumes that the witnesses watches were both correct and that the object was at the same azimuth (direction) at each observation point when the sighting time was recorded.