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Sighting Reports 2007

Woman Sees Red, Green, & White Lights Move in a Circular Pattern

Date of Sighting: March 26, 2007 (Lights Also Sighted Following Night)
Time of Sighting: 9:30 to 10:00 PM MDT
Date Sighting Reported: March 28, 2007
Duration of Sighting: Approximately One Hour
Location of Sighting: La Cienega, New Mexico (15 Minutes South of Santa Fe)
Latitude: 35.55 Degrees North
Longitude: 106.11 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Two
Number of Witnesses Interviewed: One
Weather: Clear Skies. Stars Visible

Description (In Witness's Own Words): On Monday, March 26, I was walking my dogs and noticed green, red, white lights in the sky. I live in New Mexico close to an airport. At first I thought it was an airplane. Then I noticed three airplanes in the sky. The object I first saw was not moving like they were. I brought my dogs in and got binoculars. The lights were in the same spot. They were not separate from each other, but were alternating as though it was an orb. I then called my girlfriend out to make sure I wasn't just seeing things. At first she told me it was an airplane, then I pointed out it wasn't moving. She then realized it wasn't moving like an airplane. I then told her to look through the binoculars. When she looked through them she noticed the same thing I did. We then freaked each other out and came back in. After an hour or so we looked out the window and the lights were still there. The next night I noticed that the lights were gone. Last year around this time I've noticed the same type of lights. I've also notice the same type of lights in other areas of New Mexico where I've lived. They are the same green, red, and white lights alternating in a circular motion. I became curious and came across your web site. I also tried searching the web for the same type of lights but didn't come across anything. I'm thinking that it could be a satellite of some kind, but I am curious to know what it might be. When I came across your web site I noticed that some have seen triangular aircraft. I have also noticed a triangular aircraft which had red lights alternating around the aircraft. The aircraft made no noise and it hovered above us for approx 5 minutes then vanished. I came to the conclusion that this was some kind of stealth fighter or stealth aircraft that was being tested. I'm still not sure. I am more interested in finding out what the green, red, and white lights are. If you have any idea, please respond.

Second Report by Witness Made on March 29, 2007 (In Response to My Questions): I live in La Cienega which is 15 minutes south of Santa Fe. The lights were north of me and east of the airport. I live 15 minutes south of the airport. (I saw the lights again last night) I know what lights look like on airplanes and helicopters. The national guard is also near me. So I see plenty of various aircraft. The lights were west of the national guard. It was a clear sky approximately 9:30 or 10 pm mountain standard time. And stars were out. The lights were east of the Big Dipper.

Back to the lights I recently saw. The lights are stationary but they do move in a circular motion. The night before last I was not home until 2:30 am and did not see the lights. Last night I went out to walk my dogs at 10:30 pm and saw them again, they seemed to be a little bit further away. This is why I'm thinking it is some kind of satellite or some type of star because it seems to disappear with the rotation of the earth. I'm just curious to know what it is. I can not find anything like this during my search on the web. Let me know if you need to know anything else. Tonight I'll try to keep a time journal, but it doesn't get dark until after 7 pm out here. I like to star gaze especially when my dogs are doing their business. I don't notice these lights during the winter.

Investigator's Notes: I believe that a conventional explanation exists for the lights that the witness saw, but I am not what the explanation is. Given that the lights have reappeared in the same location and stay in the same spot for a long time could mean that they could be some sort of advertising or promotion. Any others seeing these lights are urged to report their sighting to this web site.