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Sighting Reports 2007

Family Witnesses Small Silver Objects Over Ocean.
Objects Would Fragment, Disappear, & Reappear

Date of Sighting: October 21, 2007
Time of Sighting: 2:30 PM EDT to 3:30 PM EDT
Date Sighting Reported: October 21, 2007
Duration of Sighting: At Least One Hour
Location of Sighting: Long Island, New York
Latitude: 40.78 Degrees North (Estimated)
Longitude: 73.16 Degrees West (Estimated)
Number of Witnesses: At Least Three
Weather: Clear Skies. Excellent Visibility. (Per Witness Observation.)

Description (In Witness's Own Words): Listen to Audio of Interview With Witness (MP3).
The witness reported the sighting while in progress. He stated that he had been viewing the objects for about one hour. He said that the objects resembled "beebees" and would fragment into smaller objects and disappear. The objects would reappear and display the same behavior again. At one point he saw a large "blimp like" object that he "lost in the glare of the Sun." When the objects would fragment he would see smoke. No sound was heard. The objects were seen to the southwest over the Atlantic Ocean.

Investigator's Notes: This is a significant sighting considering that it occurred in the daytime on a clear sunny day with good visibility. The downside of this sighting is the apparent large distance involved. The witness stated that he was viewing the objects through binoculars and that the objects were too small to photograph. I encouraged him to take photos and to let me know if photos were obtained. I did not hear back from the witness so I am assuming that no photos were acquired. The appearance of smoke during fragmentation of the objects perhaps may suggest that the military may have been conducting some sort of exercises over the area. However, I don't know what the nature of these exercises would be.