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Sighting Reports 2007

Family Takes Video of Bright Light in Sky
While Watching Fireworks

Image of Light Extracted From Video
Still Image of Light Extracted From Video
(Click on Image to Play Video)

Date of Sighting: July 3, 2007
Time of Sighting: 9:02 PM EDT
Date Sighting Reported: July 4, 2007
Duration of Sighting: (Full Video Was About 10 Minutes)
Location of Sighting: Lorain, Ohio (On Shore of Lake Erie About 10 MI W of Cleveland)
Latitude: 41.48 Degrees North
Longitude: 82.18 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Several (Exact Number Unknown)
Number of Witnesses Interviewed: One
Weather: Clear Skies. Visibility 10 Miles

Description: The witness reported that she had videotaped several lights in the sky (up to six) while observing fireworks. She stated that the lights were at her "2:45 PM" position. (This was probably towards the northeast given the fact that the firework display was probably to the north (over Lake Erie.)

Investigator's Notes: I extracted a short clip from the 10 minute video. On the clip one can see the fireworks and stationary ground lights which are likely street lights. Only one light is visible in the sky and this light appears to be stationary. The movement of the light is likely due to camera motion. This light is likely a bright star or planet, but I am not sure of the identification because of the uncertainty in direction of the video. Also the witness confirmed that the date of video was July 3 rather than July 4. (One would expect that the firework celebration would be on July 4.)