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Sighting Reports 2007

Witness Sees Fast Moving "Grayish" Object Moving in Circles

Date of Sighting: April 29, 2007
Time of Sighting: 1:30 PM PDT
Date Sighting Reported: April 30, 2007
Duration of Sighting: A Few Seconds
Location of Sighting: Modesto, California (About 20 Miles East of San Francisco)
Latitude: 37.63 Degrees North
Longitude: 121.0 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Clear Skies. Visibility 10 Miles.

Description (In Witness's Own Words): Today Sunday April, 30th at about 130 pm I was looking out of the back window up far in the sky and something weird came to my attention. So far as I could tell it was perfectly flying in circles very fast. The object was grayish and made no sound. To be honest I could not tell if it was an airplane or a helicopter. By the time I walked outside I could not see it. This happened within seconds. Weird! I did not tell anyone because people would think I am crazy. I just thought I would tell you since you study these things. Weird!

Investigator's Notes: The witness obviously feels that the object sighted was quite unusual. Given the detail provided it is difficult to say what the witness sighted.