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Sighting Reports 2007

Man Takes Photo of Parthenon Building in Nashville, TN
Later Discovers Strange Object in Photo

Photo of Parthenon and blowup of UFO in Nashville, Tennessee.
Photo of Parthenon Building & Blowup of UFO in Nashville, Tennessee.

Map of Centenial Park in Nashville Showing Location That Witness Took The Photo.
Location of Parthenon in Centenial Park in Nashville
Showing Location That Witness Took The Photo.

Comparison of Above Photo With
Mt, Washington, NH Photo
Enlargement of Object in Photo Taken in Nashville, Tennessee Near the Parthenon on April 28, 2007 Enlargement of Object in Photo Taken Taken Over Mt. Washington, New Hampshire on June 20, 2007
Nashville, TN
- April 28, 2007 -
Read Report Below
Mt. Washington, NH
- June 20, 2007 -
Read Report
Are These Photos of The Same Object?

Date of Sighting: April 28, 2007
Time of Sighting: Shortly After the Noon Hour
Date Sighting Reported: May 15, 2007
Location: Parthenon Building in Nashville, Tennessee (Centennial Park)
Latitude: 36.13 Degrees North
Longitude: 86.81 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Object Was Not Seen. (Only Later Seen in Photo.)
Weather: Scattered High Clouds. Visibility 10 Miles. Winds From the North at 10 to 12 MPH.

Description (In Witness's Own Words): The fifth of April, I had taken many picture that day of the Parthenon in Nashville TN. I had these pictures for two weeks in my computer, and thought this one would make a good desktop picture. I then noticed the craft over the building. By close up viewing it it is probably maybe a half mile away.

Second Report by Witness: These pictures are at a 1504x1000 resolution, taken with a Nikon D50 digital camera. (The camera has a resolution of 6.1 megapixels.) That picture was taken facing the northwest. I included a few more photos, the one facing the Pathenon which would be west. The only thing I had done to it in photoMax was to lighten it a little when I had thought about putting it on my desktop and still didn't even notice it. There are a few pieces of dust on the lens, it was kind of breezy that day and lots of people. There was something going on that day called: get this, "Earth Fest" engouraging people to think of cleaning up the environment. The day was April 28. I got mixed up with my son's birthday of May 5th. If you notice in zooming in on the photo, the pixels are jumbled around the object. I don't know what the white part is. Thank you for your interest in this.

Investigator's Notes: This photograph has just been received. I am in the process of obtaining more information about the photo from the witness. Initially I thought that the object was a light fixture, but a screening analysis has not shown this to be true. The witness admitted editing the photo with software, but said that he only brightened it up. I do not believe that he added the object to the picture when he edited it. The object appears disc shaped and of bronze color with a white protrusion on top. There are distortions of pixels around the perimeter of the object. There is a white patch to the lower left of the object. The witness said that it was somewhat windy on that day, but I don't believe that the object is a kite as no attached string is evident. Other conventional explanations such as balloon, hot air balloon, commercial promotion, etc also don't fit. Given current information I have no explanation for this photo. It is one of several photos of disc shaped objects that we have received in the past two years.