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Sighting Reports 2007

Woman Has Close Encounter With Bright Object
Had Burns in Eyes & Left Hand The Next Day

Drawing of Object By Witness
Drawing of Object by Witness
(Object Appeared To Change Shape When it Started Moving)

Map of Sighting. Sighting Occurred About 15 Miles East of Indianapolis
Sighting Location Was About 15 Miles East of Indianapolis

Date of Sighting: April 6, 2007
Time of Sighting: About 10:45 PM EDT
Date Sighting Reported: May 8, 2007
Duration of Sighting: 5 Minutes
Location of Sighting: Between East Palestine & Greenfield, IN (Near Indianapolis - See Map)
Latitude: 39.75 Degrees North
Longitude: 85.86 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Scattered Clouds at 5,500 Feet, Broken Clouds at 7,000 Feet (Ceiling). Visbility 10 Miles. Temperature 28 Degrees F and Winds Were From the WNW at 15 MPH.

Description: The witness originally reported the incident via telephone and subsequently sent a fax with more detailed information about her experience. She was driving from her daughter's house in a somewhat remote area (see map). She noticed a bright light to the northeast of her position. A beam of light was shining from the object downward to a tree. She first thought that the object was a helicopter, but when she heard no sound she knew that it was something else. The object at first appeared to be rectangular, but later appeared like "two saucers on top of each other with the back cut out." (See drawing above.) The witness stated that the object began moving towards her from the northeast. (She was stopped at the time.) She noticed bright lights on the edge as the object moved. (She described the lights similar to "old" car lights. The color of the object was "gun gray." The object moved slowly towards the southwest and then disappeared. The next day the witness experienced severe burning and watering of her eyes and the nails on her left hand began cracking and eventually fragmented. She did not seek medical attention as the condition subsequently cleared up. She at first reported the incident to the Hancock County Sheriff. The sheriff would take no action so then she called the FBI. The FBI told her to call FAA. She then called the FAA in Indianapolis and her report was taken. The FAA said that they would check with the military. She heard nothing after a few days so she called the FAA. The FAA told her that they checked with the military and that "the military would neither confirm nor deny that the object was on radar." It is not known what military installatiion that the FAA checked with. We are trying to reach the FAA to find out what military base that the FAA contacted.

Interview With FAA Aviation Safety Technician: I had a short conversation with the FAA Safety Technician from the Indianapolis FAA. This is the same person that told the witness that the military was contacted and the military response was: We can neither confirm nor deny that the object was on radar." I asked what military base was contacted and the response was appalling: "Oh, we didn't contact the military. We tell them all that." Apparently the technician checked with her supervisor before taking any action. The technician did say that she spoke with FAA Air Traffic Control (ATC) and the object was not detected on radar. The question to ask is: Why didn't the FAA technician tell the witness that she checked with ATC about the radar visibility rather than concoct a story that the military was contacted? Why lie to people?

Investigator's Notes: The witness felt quite "threatened" by this incident and for this reason called the authorities. Obviously the authorities aren't interested in investigating UFO reports. It is interesting that the FAA would be deceptive and concoct a story that the military was contacted when in fact no such contact was attempted. The witness sounds very credible and we have no reason to doubt her story. Given available information this case is unidentified.