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Sighting Reports 2007

Woman Sees Bright Yellow Light With Greyish Sphere to Rear

Date of Sighting: July 7, 2007
Date Reported: July 7, 2007
Time of Sighting: 2:10 PM PDT
Duration of Sighting: At Least 3 Minutes
Location: Portland, Oregon
Latitude:  45.47 Degrees North
Longitude:  122.57 Degrees West

Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Clear Skies. Visibility 10 Miles.

Description (In Witness's Own Words): Yesterday upset me a bit.. I was trying to enjoy the LIVE EARTH 07/07/2007 concert - recording it on TV as well as watching a bit of it online via MSNBC. I was singing along with one of Crowded Houses' songs and looked out my east computer room window. I saw a Beautiful blue sky and I looked to the south. I saw a white commercial plane fly by rather high to the SE. I then looked a bit above those trees to the direct east of me and my gaze follows to the north while I hear Crowded House in the background. At around 2:10 pm, above that light pole that I can see from my east window view (would be NE from my easy window) , I see this extremely bright intense YELLOW light heading from the north to the south. The speed of it did not move like a plane or helicopter, but I thought at first that it was one. However, hat  light was VERY unusual to look like that on a plane or helicopter especially this time of day. It was SO BRIGHT and was nothing like what I've ever seen. As it came closer to my view I was confused about what I was watching, and thought to turn on my DV Cam and I THOUGHT I hit the record button while I was watching this strange thing fly over the trees east of my house property. I was freaking out at what it looked like when I zoomed in on this. At the same time yelling to my hubby to look out the east living room window over the trees. Then I turned to shut the sound off my PC. (Live Earth was still playing.) I then continued to watch it move along in it's steady strange path to the south (all the while thinking I still was recording this). I then ripped off the cords that connected the DV cam to the PC and dragged the DV cam hooked on the tripod outside to the back side of my house. It was then that I realized that I did NOT have the BEST shots of this recording while in my computer room. I had only turned on the camcorder but did not hit the RECORD button on this new JVC 34X optical Cam. Well I then turned on the Cam and continued to watch it.. still moving along, then it just stopped in one spot. I was recording this part, but as usual I could NOT see it in the view finder. I tried for over 3 minutes to record this thing that just stopped in one spot and did not move. Although it was higher up from when I first saw it pass over the trees east of my house, it moved up and just stopped and hovered in one spot. This one looked DIFFERENT from what I saw on May 30 2007. (I still get a bit of nightmares from seeing those.) Although this one looked different, it hung in the sky for quite some time and it could go easily could go unnoticed like the ones I saw on May 30. As it passed over those trees more directly in front of my view I saw a gray sphere of some sort on the back side of the light. It had sort of nobs or nodules on the greyish rounded sphere, but the front (the front part of it as it headed south) was a brilliant intense yellow white light that was sort of dimming low and then very bright. (The light wasmore bright on than dimmed.) In a way, it reminded me of what I tried to record on March 10 2006.  I checked to see on to see if there was any satellites in this area at the time, and I couldn't find anything. My 3 minute recording of it from backside of my house of this thing, again does not prove anything other than a bright object that basically hovers in one spot for the 3 minutes I recorded. (It doesn't prove a thing.) Believe me I was so upset to realize that I did not HIT THE RECORD BUTTON when it was in more direct view from me when I first saw it.

Investigator's Notes: This witness has taken some interesting videos of strange objects in the daytime in Portland, Oregon. The witness is very descriptive of what she saw in this sighting. She attempted to video record the object, but ran into some problems. Satellites are not visible during the daytime so the light would not have been a satellite. (The witness verified this by accessing the heavens-above website.) With available information I don't know what the witness observed.