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Sighting Reports 2007

Mutilated Cow Found Alive by Owner

Sequence of Photos Taken of Mutilated Cow
Photo One of Mutilated Cow.
Photo Two of Mutilated Cow.
Photo Three of Mutilated Cow.

Redbird is a Small Town in Northern Nebraska.

Date of Sighting (Incident): June or July, 2007 (Exact Date Unknown)
Time of Incident: Not Known
Date Incident Reported: February 12, 2008
Location of Incident: Redbird, Nebraska (See Map)
Latitude: 42.67 Degrees North
Longitude: 98.44 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: None (Mutilation Was Not Observed.)

Description: The mutilation happened south of Lynch, Nebraska near the town of Redbird, Nebraska. (I don't think Redbird is on the map anymore). The location was right on the south side of the Niobrara River. The report was received from a neighbor of the owner of the cow. Both the owner and the neighbor think that the cow was mutilated by an "alien." No footprints or blood were found around the cow. It appeared if the cow's reproductive organs had been removed with clean cutting instrument, maybe a laser? The owner said that the cow was found still alive. The animal died about 30 minutes later. The cow was taken to a veterinarian. The veterinarian said that the cow had no blood in her body and also confirmed that her reproductive organs had been removed.

Comments: This is the first report that we have ever received of an cattle mutilation. Whomever or whatever performed this "sadistic" rite certainly should be caught. There is no evidence that aliens did this to the animal, but when you consider the facts below it certainly strongly suggests that it wasn't predators:

1. No tracks or blood were found around the animal.
2. The reproductive organs were precisely removed.
3. No blood was found in the animal by the veterinarian.
4. The animal lived for 30 minutes.

No unusual sightings were reported in the area at the time of this incident, but some unusual aerial activity has been reported in the past year in Northeastern Nebraska and Southeastern South Dakota. We hope to gather more information about this case. Any updates will be posted.