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Sighting Reports 2007

More Photos Taken of Strange Craft Taken at Redondo Beach, California


Photo Taken at 4:24 PM PDT Photo Taken at 4:26 PM PDT
Photo Taken at 4:24 PM PDT
Photo Taken at 4:26 PM PDT


Location of Redondo Beach, California
Redondo Beach is A few Miles S of LA Airport

Date of Sighting: May 5, 2007
Time of Sighting: 4:24 to 4:26 PM PDT
Date Sighting Reported: May 7, 2007 (Second Photo Sent May 18, 2007)
Duration of Sighting: Estimated as Less Than One Minute
Location of Sighting: Redondo Beach, California
Latitude: 33.83 Degrees North
Longitude: 118.4 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Two
Number of Witnesses Interviewed: One
Weather: Clear Skies. Good Visibility. (Per Photograph.)

Description (In Witness's Own Words): I have sent this picture to because that is where i saw the picture of the Redondo, CA UFO sighting on march 31 2007. I always take pictures at Redondo so when I saw it I tried to make a joke out of it and told my husband well Ii might be lucky one of these weekends. That same day May 5 when I read about the Rredondo sighting, we went to Redondo and took pictures of birds. The sky was busy and there were thousands of people everywhere at the beach. Then as we were near that place where the guy took that picture I saw a speck in the air that flashed. It was not a bird and its a dot that sparked and my husband saw it too at almost the same time as I did. That was funny for the sky was very very busy with all the big birds flying ang planes too. But that speck caught our interest. I zoomed in and I saw a round prism. I am using a Canon lens which I just had received three weeks ago as a gift. As I zoomed on this object I got excited because of the prism. I zoomed out and was able to take one shot as I was about to take another one it disappeared. I don't know what it was, but its far from being a plane. After seeing the result on my monitor as a blur object I was really disappointed cause Itook it in portrait mode. Please tell me if there is a possibility of it being a UFO or its just a plene that was passing by since Redondo Beach is near LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). It was around 2:30 to 3:00 PM on MAY 5 2007 at Redondo Beach, CA.

Additional Witness Information: I know that exact place becuse of the rock and that round building and the boat around it. I was very far but since I had the zoom I was able to see the prism that has filled my lens that is why I zoomed out in a hurry . The more my husband tells me that it was a plane the more Iam discouraged, but that very moment when I saw the prism I knew it wasn't a plane. Its hard for me to describe because my english is limited . The weird thing about that is the sky was so clear as you can see in the picture but the shiny thing disappeared like it became invisible in a second not even fading. I mean it just disappeared!

Second Report By Witness (Accompanied Second Photo of Object & Bird - See Above): Hi William, It's me again . I have submitted a picture of a glowing white thing at Redondo last May 6 to your website. I am attaching another picture that I took that same day. Last night I was browsing all my folders of pictures that I took on May 5 at Redondo and I found something quite interesting. It says on the file that I took this picture at 4:24:01 PM and the one I submitted to you earlier was taken at 4:26:35 PM same day and place. In between those times I was taking pictures of a lot of birds in the sky, but it was almost at the same place. Now I remember that the speck I told you that caught our interest looks exactly like this speck on the 4:24 photo, It must have been the same object that I took a picture of. It's just that the time I took this picture it was too far to notice. How amazing! I showed this to my husband and I asked him if he saw a gold balloon that day and he was quiet trying to recall and he said, no. Even him who doubted this object was quite surprise of this second picture. I guess he remembers that same speck that we saw looked exactly like the one on this picture. Could it be the same object? What is the probability of it? In the span of almost two minutes I took a picture of two STRANGE objects in the sky.

Camera Information Provided by Witness:

Here are the details:
CANON CAMERA Rebel XT 8 megapixel
F STOP 5.6

Comments on Camera: This is a "high-end" camera and is significant because it allows more "in-depth" analysis of photos because of the high pixel density. Presentation of the above photos would have been restricted if a lower quality camera had been used.

Investigator's Notes: The witness believes that she saw and photographed a UFO. Her husband believes it was an airplane. I am more inclined to believe the witness because she saw the object on "zoom setting" through the camera, while her husband did not. She said that object appeared to resemble a prism. She zoomed out and snapped the photo. The object then disappeared. The appearance on the photo does not look like an airliner or any other conventional craft. Given the photo and the description I don't believe that the object is a conventional aircraft. Redondo Beach is only about 5 Miles south of LA Airport so many aircraft should be in the sky most of the time. (See map.) The witness is making references to a photo taken of a flying disk on March 31, 2007. (Read the report by clicking here.) I have found no evidence that this photo was hoaxed or edited with any graphics software. The second photo submitted by the witness (taken earlier at 4:24 PM) only adds to the mystery. In this photo the witness did not notice anything unusual. She only discovered the "speck" when later blowing up the photo. Two minutes later she did see something unusual and photographed it. (This is the photo taken at 4:26 pm.) It is not known if the two photos are of the same object. At this time I have no explanation for either photo. Conclusion: More photos are taken of an unusual objects in Redondo Beach, California.