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Sighting Reports 2007

Photo Taken of Bright Airborne Object Over San Francisco Bay

Photo Taken of Object Over San Francisco Bay
Photo Taken of Object Over San Francisco Bay

Date of Sighting: November 22, 2007
Time of Sighting: 4 to 4:30 PM
Date Sighting Reported: November 25, 2007
Duration of Sighting: Unknown
Location of Sighting: San Francisco, California
Latitude: 37.8 Degrees North (Airport)
Longitude: 122.4 Degrees West (Airport)
Number of Witnesses: At Least Two (Exact Number Unknown)
Weather: Clear Skies. Visibility 10 Miles. Winds Were From the West at 13 MPH.

Description (In Witness's Own Words): We also saw a UFO over San Francisco Bay on November 22, 2007 at around 4 to 4:30 PM.

Investigator's Notes: It appears that the photo was taken with a low density digital camera (probably from a cell phone.) The photo shows an object with a signature that suggests a descending motion. More information is needed to perform any further analysis of this case. It is not known if the witness took the photo and if the photo was taken on November 22. (This information has been assumed.) I have written to the witness to obtain more information. Updates will be posted.