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Sighting Reports 2007

Crop Circle Discovered in Eastern Washington

Crop Circle Photographed by National UFO Reporting Center Near Wilbur, Washington
Photo of Crop Circle Near Wilbur, Washington - Taken July 1, 2007
Courtesy National UFO Reporting Center

Map Showing Location of Wilbur, Washington. Wilbur is About 50 Miles West of Spokane, Washington.
Wilbur is About 50 MI WNW of Spokane
(Along US Highway #2)

Date of Occurrence: June 29, 2007

The Following is an Investigative Report by the Seattle Museum of Mysteries:

Crop Circle discovered in Wilbur Washington

The Directors of The Seattle Museum of the Mysteries, Charlette Lefevre and Philip Lipson, were informed of a crop circle in Central Washington by Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center. Accompanied by Weird Science facilitator Bill Beaty, the Directors spent Independence Day July 4, 2007 exploring this recently discovered crop circle near the town of Wilbur, Washington in Lincoln County West of Spokane.

The heart of the crop circle is a large circle surrounded by four medium circles which are connected to four smaller circles. According to the National UFO Reporting Center, the crop circle was first reported on Friday June 29th by a man who works for a local agricultural chemical company in WIlbur. An aerial
photograph was taken on Sunday July 1st By Peter Davenport and Greg Leyva, a local crop duster.

According to a neighboring resident Pat by July 4th, the area had already been visited by several hundred local townspeople. The neighbor also related there had been search lights in the sky “as bright as car lights” Wednesday night June 27th. The neighbor believes the crop circle developed Tuesday night. Another local related also she believed the crop circle formed Tuesday night as it was discovered Wednesday. A number of local people interviewed by Lefevre and Lipson believed the crop circle to be legitimate relating a history of odd lights in the sky and odd behavior by animals on their farms in the nearby town of Almira.

Features - Legitimate or created?

1. The formation is approximately 150 feet in width and length. The
2. Stalks of wheat grain are laid down flat against the ground. All
3. The circles swirls are counter-clock wise (looking down) in the
4. Central ring, and in the eight outlying circles. The center of
5. Each circle could be classified as typical of a “bird nest” swirl.
6. A geiger counter reading did not indicate any unusual radioactivity.
7. No electromagnetic anomalies were detected.

As far as it is known this is the first crop circle seen in the state of Washington since Chelhalis in 1996.

The Seattle Museum of The Mysteries is awaiting additional research on and planning an exhibit with actual wheat stalks from the circle.

Photos at

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

For additional information please contact:
Seattle Museum of the Mysteries
Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group

UFOs Northwest Comments: This circle could be hoaxed given that the stalks are broken, that the field is close to U.S. Highway 2, and that lights were seen in the vicinity when the circle was constructed. The lights could have been flashlights used by pranksters in the construction of the circle. Authentic crop circles generally have "expulsion nodes" or "bent nodes" rather than broken stalks. (See Article by W.C. Levengood & Nancy Talbott, Dispersion of Energies in Worldwide Crop Formations, 1999 - PDF)