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Sighting Reports 2008

Eight Witness Wide Span of 3 Airborne Lights

Date of Sighting: January 1, 2008
Time of Sighting: Right After Midnight
Date Sighting Reported: January 3, 2008
Duration of Sighting: 15 Minutes
Location of Sighting: Antioch, California (About 30 MI ENE of San Francisco)
Latitude: 37.96 Degrees North
Longitude: 121.78 Degrees West
Weather: Clear Skies. Good Visibility. (Per Witness Observation.)

Description: My  husband sent me your website.  I am not into sightings and all that type of stuff, but I wanted to let you know we did see something on New Years Eve just after midnight.  We had people over to our house on New Years Eve. It was mostly a family get together with children, so people were not really drinking a lot.  I  myself did not drink anything because I was not in the mood for some reason.  Ages ranged from 33 years old to 53.  Anyway we only went outside so that we could light some sparklers for the kids. This was right after midnight.  Then we all saw the strange lights in the sky.  There was 9 of us.   I think only 8 went outside to see.  Anyway there were mostly a pattern of three lights. They were too wide of a span to be a plane.   At one point maybe 15 minutes later one of the three broke part and there was two and one.   They moved too slow to be planes and were definitely not fireworks though some fireworks did go off in another part of the sky around that time.   Several of us took photos including me.  I have not checked them out yet to see how well they came out.   The lights were small, a little bigger than  the size of the north star shining, so not easy to take the picture.  It was a very clear night. They were located on the north side of where the big dipper is in the sky at one point. They were definitely moving and had angles, like a pattern to them.   Have you been able to find out anything else about their source?

Comments: Several witnesses in the San Francisco area and in southern California saw similar lights right after midnight on January 1. Although the number of pattern lights described differ some from report to report some reports are nearly similar. To view other California sightings go to the California sightings page. The identity of these lights is a mystery. The media (Channel 6 Fox News in San Diego) have suggested that the lights could have been "Chinese lanterns." This is an unlikely explanation given that the same pattern of lights were seen nearly 500 miles apart within minutes of each other. Some witnesses saw the lights exhibit abrupt maneuvers. This fact would also exclude the Chinese lantern theory. Any witnesses to this sighting are urged to file a report. Drawings, videos, or photos are welcomed.