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Sighting Reports 2008

Photos Taken In Bryce Canyon, Utah Reveal Strange Objects
Photo (Location of Object Marked)
Blow Up of Photo

Map Showing Location of Bryce Canyon.


Date of Sighting: July 24, 2008
Time of Sighting: Daytime (Exact Times Not Known)
Date Sighting Reported: October 27, 2008
Duration of Sighting: Objects Only Noticed in Photos
Location of Sighting: Bryce Canyon, Utah
Latitude: 37.7 Degrees North
Longitude: 112.2 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Objects Only Noticed in Photos
Weather: Photos Reveal Scattered High Cloudiness and Some Lower Cumulus Clouds.

Description: Hi there. In July/August of 2008 we where travelling in the southwestern USA (Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California). I made a lot of pictures, in the national parks tht we visited. When I came home, and looked the pictures on my Macintosh, I noticed spots on some of them. I could not believe it was dirt or dust on my sensor, because it was a brand new camera ( Canon G9 ). The spots must be birds I thought, but because it was a sharp spot, I decided to enlarge the spot, and this is the result. Then I examined all the other pictures, and I found some more with spots in the air. I will send you the other (ufo?) pictures as well.

Comments: The witness has not responded to additional questions regarding the above photos. I don't believe that the photos were hoaxed, but I wanted to look at the undedited photos as output from the digital camera. Also it is unknown whether or not all of the photos were taken in Bryce Canyon, Utah or if some photos were taken in Nevada or California. The witness is from the Netherlands and was on a visit to the U.S. this summer. The July 24, 2008 date was assumed based on the metadata stored with the photo. (This makes the assumption that the date was correctly set in the camera.) The middle photo blowup in the above table is the most compelling and appears to be a flying saucer object. The photos were taken with a Canon Powershot G9 digital camera. The camera's high pixel resolution (12.1 mega-pixels) is an advantage in revealing fine details in photo blowups.