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Sighting Reports 2008

Man Sees 2 Lights Weaving "Radically" Over Freeway

Date of Sighting: January 26, 2008
Time of Sighting: 5:50 to 6:00 PM PST
Date Sighting Reported: January 26, 2008
Duration of Sighting: 5 Minutes
Location of Sighting: On Highway 57 Near Fullerton, California (20 MI ESE of Los Angeles)
Latitude: 33.87 Degrees North
Longitude: 117.88 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Several (Witness Stated Several Cars Were Stopped Viewing Lights.)
Number of Witnesses Interviewed: One
Weather: Broken Clouds (Partly Cloudy) at 6,000 Feet, Overcast at 7,500 Feet. Visibility Was 10 Miles. Winds Were From the East at 8 MPH.

Description: I was driving northward on highway 57 North in Fullerton, California when I saw two lights merging in and out of the sky. There was also a helicopter flying above the lights. The weird thing is, I thought that the lights were two flares. but no flare can flash on and off and cross each other. One of the lights flew right above the freeway bypass in the middle of the lane I was driving on and it was about 50 feet away and about 25 feet above the freeway. Then the lights disappeared. The two lights where weaving radically in the sky. At one point, the two lights disappeared and reappeared in separate areas. Traffic was stopping and there were a lot of witnesses.

Comments: The witness reported the sighting a few hours after it occurred. Apparently several cars were stopped to view the lights. Given the witness report I don't know what was observed. It is interesting to note that a helicopter was flying above the lights. Another group witnesses at Brea, California (near Highway 57) saw similar objects at the same time. Click here to read about Brea sighting.