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Sighting Reports 2008

5 Sight Erratic Moving Lights in the Vicinity of Aircraft

Gladewater is Around 90 Miles East of Dallas.
Gladewater is Around 90 Miles East of Dallas.

Date of Sighting: November 19, 2008
Time of Sighting: 10:30 or 11 PM CST
Location of Sighting: Gladewater, Texas

Description: During this experience, J was with his wife and three friends on their back porch. They watched a solid, non-blinking, star-like light to the northwest that was heading east. They also noticed a couple planes that appeared to be passing close to this solid light. J reported that, in the “blink of an eye,” the light shrank to half its former size and became bright blue. Then, turning toward the west, J saw a large cluster of yellowish orange lights in a rounded pattern. The light cluster rose for 20-30 seconds, and after reaching the apex, began to grow larger, as if it was descending towards them. At some point, J no longer saw the cluster of lights, but instead, two white, non-blinking lights that seemed to be spaced like wing tips and a single, red, solid light in between the two. As the lights drew closer, the white lights went out of view and the red light was joined with many other individual red and yellow lights as in the first two encounters. These colored lights repeated that shape-shifting pattern. J noticed the same vibration too.

Note - (This Case Was Investigated by Dr. Bradford Evans): J. came across as a sincere and credible observer of a series of anomalous sightings in the nocturnal sky. It might be difficult to account for the pattern-shifting, LED type light clusters in terms of conventional aircraft. The fact that there are multiple witnesses and multiple sightings add to the intriguing nature of this case. The next step would be to interview additional witnesses to corroborate J’s account and see what additional details emerge.

This Same Witness Also Reported the Following Sightings:

First UFO Experience(Union Grove, Texas on May 22, 2007 About 11:15 to 11:30 PM CDT): J shared three sightings, and this report focuses on the first two, which were very similar in nature. The first occurred in late May 2007. J went outside after 11 p.m. to smoke. From the back porch, he had a limited view of the western sky. He noticed a very bright light about 20, if that. He compared the intensity of the light to 2-3 times the magnitude of Jupiter. While, at first, the light seemed stationary, then it moved slightly to the right. Within a few minutes, the light was becoming larger and lower on the horizon. The next thing he recalls is that the light descended toward him. He could no longer see the bright white light. Instead, he was seeing what he called the “underbelly lights” — as if he were observing the underside of a craft. These lights were like multiple LEDs, red and yellow in hue. He said that they looked “organic” in nature, since they were rolling, shifting and changing shape. J found this very disorienting and confusing. While there was no obvious sound, J noticed a low vibration – more a feeling than an auditory experience. This vibration was at its most intense when he was watching the LED type lights. J recalled seeing a faint outline around the lights that was angular, not rounded or smooth. Yet, since he was focused on the lights, he did not pay much attention to the outline shape. After thirty seconds or so, the lights began to ascend and move toward the east, vanishing within a minute or two. The entire experience lasted approximately ten minutes. J noted that he felt no fear, just a sense of awe.

Second UFO Experience (West Mountain, Texas on February 13, 2008 About 11 PM CST): At the time, J was living in West Mountain, Texas. He and his wife went outside on the back porch, which faced due west. His wife noticed a very large light to the northwest just above the tree line. J ran into the house to get his camera. (Unfortunately, he was not able to capture what followed on video.) When he returned to the porch, he saw two lights “like car headlights” descending toward them. At this point, both he and his wife witnessed a similar light display as in the first experience, i.e., red and yellow LED type lights shifting from one pattern to the next. In his written account, J noted that he did not recall seeing the two bright “headlights” going out. Rather, one second he was watching the white lights, the next, the red and yellow lights underneath. He reported that the shifting light display lasted about 10-15 seconds. J recalled feeling very excited because now his wife had witnessed the UFO too.