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Sighting Reports 2009

Three See "Rocket Shaped" Object Ascend & Then Fly Horizontally

Date of Sighting: July 8, 2008
Time of Sighting: 10 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Lewiston, Idaho (West-Central, Idaho Near Washington Border)

Description: I was at a friend's house in Lewiston, Idaho. We were leaving his house to go to the store. The time was around 10:00 PM. I walked to my car and unlocked the door. While I was unlocking the door, I hesitated and looked towards the skies as I often do. In doing so, I saw a plane flying towards Moscow/Pullman (Northeast). I watched this plane fly for a good 2 minutes, when I then noticed a second what looked like a plane, flying from the direction of our airport (West). I watched the plane-like object rise vertically which then unveiled the fact that whatever this object was, it was shaped like a huge missile. The object rose into the sky. On top of it was one very bright white light. As the object rose farther into the sky, it then showed more lights coming over the horizon. If I had to put the object's size into perspective, I would say it was the size of a 747. The first light, was white, about halfway down there were two orange lights, and farther down from that there was one very bright blue light, none of which were blinking. The missile-like object changed it's direction from a completely vertical ascent, to a completely horizontal flight. It wasn't an abrupt change in movement. It was as if the object were literally a huge missile. It arched, and slowly started it's way towards us. About two minutes later, my friend runs back inside to get his parents up. They come running outside just in time to see the object fly directly overhead. His dad couldn't explain what he was seeing. We all got quiet to try and hear if there were any sound, but there was nothing. Also, the object was flying at what seemed like a very low altitude, meaning we 'should' have heard some sort of jet propulsion, or propellers.

Note: I don't have an explanation for this sighting. Perhaps it could have been a blimp or some type of commercial promotion.