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Sighting Reports 2008

Man Sees Passenger Jet & Bright Light. Photos Taken.

Photo and Enlargement That Shows Jet Aircraft and Light?
Photo and Enlargement That Shows Jet Aircraft and Light?

Date of Sighting: July 19, 2008
Time of Sighting: 8:25 PM Local Time
Date Sighting Reported: July 28, 2008
Duration of Sighting: Unknown
Location of Sighting: London, United Kingdom
Latitude: 51.52 Degrees North
Longitude: 0.16 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Clear Skies.
Astronomical Data: Sunset Was at 8:08 PM Local Time

Description: On the evening of the July 19, 2008 at about 2100 hours I heard a very loud noise. As I looked out of my window I saw a passenger airplane. It was very low flying over central London. I live in central London between Portman Square and Baker Street w1. I thought I would like to take a picture of the plane as it was very low. By the time I had got my camera it was out of sight. As I was looking in the direction the plane had gone I saw a bright white light. It appeared to be about 2 miles away and about 3000 feet high, The sky was clear so I took a couple of snaps with a small digital camera. I took the photos with a Samsung 7 mega- pixel 35 millimeter camera. The light appears to the right hand side of the building. It's just about visible above the tree line. I hope you can explain these to me as in one of the pictures when I zoomed in using my computer it appears as an unusual shape. If you would like the memory card and the camera, I can send these to you for inspection. Also I have no objections to my laptop being looked at. I would just like to know what the object is that I have taken pictures of. Kind Regards.

Comments: The blowup in the photo above clearly shows that the witness has taken a photo of a jet aircraft. However, there is a "ghosting image" near the aircraft that could be a reflection of the aircraft or something else? There appears to be discrepancy between the time reported when the photo was taken because sunset was at 8:08 PM. The camera "date-time" stamp indicates that the photo was taken at 8:25 PM which is more consistent with the sunset time.