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Sighting Reports 2008

Photo of 3 Bright Objects Taken in Daylight

Photo of 3 Objects. Photo Was Edited by Witness.
Photo of 3 Objects. Photo Was Edited by Witness.

Image  Has Been Reversed in  an Attempt to Show Any Suspension of the Objects.
Image Has Been Reversed in an Attempt to Show Any Suspension of the Objects.
(No Suspension (Power Lines Show Up in Path of Objects.)

Date of Sighting: May 15, 2008 (Estimated)
Time of Sighting: Exact Time Unknown
Location of Sighting: Near Pittsburg, California (About 40 MI ENE of San Francisco)

Description: My car broke down near Union City, at the Lowes exit. I had to go down and get it with a trailer and haul it back, we took the 580 to the 680 and back up on the 680, to Pittsburg. This was the same day I took pictures of what looked like the "red" aztec looking structure in Pittsburg, however it looked like SNOW and was actually WHITER than the clouds. With sharp right angles, the three coming out of the "hangars" was around 9 miles west of Castro Valley. I pointed the camera north. If I can find the disc I saved all them to, I can give you a more accurate pinpoint because I took pictures that had street signs and exit signs on them within a few miles.

Note: By mentioning the "red aztec" the witness is referring to another photo taken after dark on the same day. This witness has taken several photos in the past few years of aerial objects. The witness refers to the above photo as "three coming out of the hangars." Some of these objects can be probably be explained. I don't have an explanation for the above photo. Commercial balloons is a possibility. I would need to know more the flight of the objects to determine if the objects were balloons.

Comments Received by a Reader on December 22, 2009:  I was browsing your site and I am somewhat dismayed over a photo posted and claimed to be an unknown by your investigator or your site. I am not an investigator, but I can tell you what it is.  The three spheres and a fourth not circled, but just to the right of the other 3 and on the same plane are fixed to overhead wires as a warning to aircraft etc. These balled hydro wires are ubiquitous throughout North America.  How can you claim anything other than what is obvious to the naked eye?  The photo is dated may 15 2008 in Pittsburg, California.

UFOs Northwest Comment to Reader: The reader may be correct that the spheres are mounted on power lines and are used to warn aircraft. This was my first impression when I saw the photo, but additional analysis does not show the wires (see reversed image above). However, "saturation effects" in the photo may have obscured the wires in the area of the spheres.