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Sighting Reports 2008

Video Taken of Aerial Golden Object

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Video of Golden Object
Source: Paster James Roberts
Paranormal Investigator & Founder of Ghost Greeters

Still Image of Golden Object Extracted From Video.
Still Image of Golden Object Extracted From Video.

Date of Sighting: May 24, 2008
Time of Sighting: 9:18 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Portland, Oregon

Description: My name is James and I am a paranormal investigator and founder of Ghost Greeters as well as a Pastor. About a year and a half ago during a barbeque during the month of May I set up my video to capture lightning, but I caught more  I did contact MUFON, but have found them to be somewhat uninterested. The is still on the original tape.  One thing I can say it is not a plane or bird and in fact does indeed change shape and color while in air.

The camera was a JVC Digital Still video camera model no. GR-D770U. The object first appears like a triangle golden in color. It disappears for a brief moment behind a tree, but you can still see the brightness. At this point it is very bright and it now has a purple tint. At the final point the object is round with a black stripe across. In the mid process of the video you could see multi black dots around it. The video was taken at 9:18 PM in night mode so it slowed the object down and no one saw it with the naked eye because the video was setup and no one was around it at the time that the footage of the object was captured. I viewed the footage later that evening around 12:30 AM.

Note: I agree that the object is not a plane or bird. In fact it is not ball lightning nor a meteor. It is moving too slow for ball lightning and the slow movement plus lack of trail makes a meteor an unlikely explanation. The video does show some "heat" lightning. The slow "jerky" movement of the object is apparently due to the "night mode" setting of the camera. A check of weather conditions showed that Heavy Thunderstorms were occurring at Portland Airport at the time of the video.