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Sighting Reports 2008

Circular Object With Small Circular Top Seen in Night Sky

Date of Sighting: March 30, 2008
Time of Sighting: 10:32 PM EDT
Date Sighting Reported: March 30, 2008
Duration of Sighting: Five to Six Minutes.
Location of Sighting: Sayville, New York (S. Shore of Long Island)
Latitude: 40.75 Degrees North
Longitude: 73.09 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Clear Skies. Visibility 10 Miles. Winds Were From the Southeast at 4 MPH.

Description: I saw an object that was circular with a smaller circular top. The object pulsed red green and bluish white. It moved slowly across the western horizon from south to north.

Comments: The witness's report is quite brief, but sounds unusual. Certainly many others must have seen the object considering that it moved slowly over a highly populated area.