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Sighting Reports 2008

2 Terrified by Close Encounter With Ball Shaped Object

Map Showing Location of Sighting in Eastern Arizona.
Map Showing Location of Sighting in Eastern Arizona.

Date of Sighting: Late December, 2008 (Right Before Christmas - Exact Date Unknown)
Time of Sighting: Near Midnight
Location of Sighting: Traveling East on Highway 60 Between Show Low & Springerville, AZ)

Description: Listen to Interview With Witness (MP3)
The witness waited several months before reporting her sighting. (She stated that her brother-in-law advised her to not talk about it.) The witness was traveling from Show Low, Arizona to Springerville, Arizona. She was traveling in a "borrowed Van" with her 48 year old nephew. (The witness reporting the incident was 60 at the time of the sighting.) She said that they at once saw a large object approach from the northeast as they were traveling east on highway 60. The object passed right over their van and paced the van. They at once stopped the van to try to get a better look at the object. The object was "huge" and was of ball shape. It had an extremely bright "white-blue" light on top that appeared to be scanning "back and forth." The witness stated that the light was almost too bright to look at. The witness saw small windows around the craft, but did not see any "entities." She stated that the van was parked and the engine was kept running. The van at once stopped running. The witness stated that she had a hard time breathing and the "air was full of electricity." She said that her hair stood on edge. The witness said that they looked to the rear to see if any cars were coming. When they looked back up the object had vanished. No sound was ever heard. At that point they could not start the van. (The battery was dead.) They could not make a phone call because the cell phone battery had been drained. (The witness said that the cell phone was charged up when they left Show Low.) At that point they plugged the cell phone into the cigarette lighter. Apparently there was enough "juice" left in the battery to charge the cell phone enough to make a call for help. They called her nephew's father who then came out to assist them. The van started once the battery was jumped from her nephew's father's vehicle.

Neither witness had any physical effects from the incident. The van was in good working order and no mechanical problems had occurred prior to or after the incident. The van was borrowed from a friend and has since been traded for another vehicle. The witness recently retired from a professional career as respiratory therapist at a Veterans Hospital.

Note: The witness sounded very credible was very explicit in her description of the encounter. She apparently made a sketch right after the incident and promised to send the sketch. We have received few reports with electrical interference such as this. What would cause cell phone batteries to go dead and a vehicle battery to be drained of power? Also the phenomenon also must have interfered with the combustion process of the engine because the van's engine stalled while the object was hovering over the van. It is known that an "electromagnetic pulse" from a nuclear explosion will cause electrical interference in a large perimeter area from "ground zero" of a nuclear explosion. Obviously this was no nuclear explosion. Could there have been some type of "electromagnetic interference?" We are hoping to gather more information from the witness's nephew. Any updates will be posted.