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Sighting Reports 2008

Several See Orange Spherical Opaque Object Flying North

Date of Sighting: July 4, 2008
Time of Sighting: Multiple Sightings Between 9 PM and Midnight
Location of Sighting: South Bend, Nebraska (About 20 Miles SW of Omaha)

Description: The sun had just set and the sky had an orange glow to it. I was at a party with about 30 people and a group of my friends pointed out something in the sky while facing East and looking at 70 to 80 degrees. It was flying almost due north, possibly slightly west. Five or six others and I stood on the dock and watched it for about two minutes. I on the other hand, being the UFO nut I am, didn't leave that dock until it was no longer visible, which was about another minute and a half. The object was perfectly spherical, and opaque. It flew at an altitude and speed of a low flying personal airplane, and was very visible. No one is stupid enough to fly a hot air balloon or any other aircraft that low and at that time one July 4th. Nothing I know of that shape can even fly. It was undoubtedly some kind of unknown aircraft, and this is where it gets good.

Everyone there saw it and have spoken with pretty much everyone there about it since that day. It wasn't the only sighting that night. From what I have gathered, I saw the second one (or second passing) out of up to 4 total. Others described it as having a red or orange glow, while some said it had a red light on the bottom. Some saw it flying at a higher altitude, and others described it as saucer shaped. Everyone agrees on the circular shape and it's northern direction.

About a month later after talking with a few people, I looked up a few UFO reporting web sites and gave some general descriptions. I found another report on a couple sites about the same object on the same day sighted in NW Omaha. I recently read an article in the Omaha City Weekly and saw another sighting on this date in Nebraska City, so I decided to let you know about this one. Given the number of sightings and matching descriptions, it would be great if someone would take the time to formally document this series. If you have any other questions, feel free to call or e-mail.

Note: We received another similar report on July 4, 2008 of a similar object. Click here to read the report. I don't think that these objects were the result of fireworks. However, the fact that many people were outside on the 4th to observe fireworks means that more people were looking at the sky. Who knows how many sightings would be reported if people looked at the sky every night like the 4th?