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Slide 5 - Doppler Radar Animation - January 8, 2008

Animation of Doppler Radar Showing Anomalous Returns Near Southwest of Stephenville and Near Crawford, Texas.
Animation of Doppler Radar Showing Anomalous Returns Southwest of Stephenville and Near Crawford, Texas.

  • Radar Was in "Clear Air Mode" Because No Rainfall Was in the Area
    • Above Animation Was From 6:05 PM to 10:17 PM CST
    • Radar is More Sensitive in "Clear Air" Mode.
    • In "Clear Air Mode" Radar Can Pick Up Birds, Insects, & Atmospheric Particulates
    • Radar Can Also Pick Up Objects (Aircraft, Balloons, etc)
    • Animations Are Archived Every 10 Minutes so 6 Screens Cover About 1 Hour

  • Animation Shows Mass of Returns Near Crawford, Texas (President Bush Ranch Location)
    • These Returns Are Moving SE About 30 MPH
    • This Movement is Consistent With Winds. This Means That Object "Might" Be Drifting With Wind
    • The Altitude of the Returns Was Probably Less Than 10,000 Feet
    • At This Range (60 Miles) The Returns Were Strongly Reflective

  • Animation Shows Large & Very Strong Returns Southwest of Stephenville
    • The Returns Appear Near Commanche, TX at About 7:30 PM CST
    • The Returns Increased in Number & Size
    • The Returns Moved NE at Less Than 30 MPH
    • The Peak Strength (Reflectivity) of the Returns Occurred at About 9:30 PM CST
    • The Returns Gradually Decreased in Strength After That
    • These Returns Were Moving at Nearly Right Angles to The Wind
      • This Means That the Returns Were Not Birds, Insects, or Atmospheric Pollutants
      • Returns Were Likely Real Objects
      • Returns Were Not Conventional Aircraft Due to Slow Speed of Movement