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Slide 7 - Atmospheric Profile - January 9, 2008 - 6 PM CST

Note: Atmospheric Profiles are Included to Properly Interpret Radar Data.

Atmospheric Profile Showing Weaker Temperature Inversion on January 9, 2008.
Atmospheric Profile - Ft. Worth, Texas - 6 PM CST - January 9, 2008
(Note: When Temperture and Dewpoint Lines Join the Humidity is 100%)

  • Profile Shows Temperature Inversion With Top Near 7,000 Feet

  • This Temperature Inversion is Weaker Than Inversion on January 8

  • Normally Temperatures Decrease With Height

  • When Temperatures Increase With Height an "Inversion" is Present

  • This Inversion Could Still Cause Some Super Refraction of Radar Waves.

  • Super Refraction Can Cause the Radar to Pick Up Ground Targets (e.g. Cars)

  • The Winds Were West to Southwest at All Levels