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Sighting Reports 2008

Correction Officer Sees Airborne Boomerang & Cigar Shaped Objects

Taft is in Northeastern Oklahoma.
Taft is in Northeastern Oklahoma.

Date of Sighting: February 7, 2008
Time of Sighting: 10 PM CST
Date Sighting Reported: February 8, 2008
Duration of Sighting: 4 to 5 Minutes
Location of Sighting: Taft, Oklahoma (See Map).
Latitude: 35.76 Degrees North
Longitude: 95.54 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Clear Skies. (Per Witness Observation.)

Description: I was securing the south farm at my job (correctional officer) and noticed a very bright white light and a red light farther behind it flying towards me and I thought "well, must be a large jet plane with landing gear problems" and that is why the smaller red lights were behind it (airport 35 miles away). I continued to watch it and the white light just went out and re-appeared and as I was driving very slowly I realized it would fly over me if I was about a mile north-north east so I started down a very dark dirt road. When I reached the point to where it would fly over me, I stepped out of my patrol car and as it flew right over head of me I could clearly see both UFOs. The one that was behind the leading one was shaped like a boomerang with 3 red lights and the one up front was larger, but shaped like a cigar with very small "wings." Behind the wings there was no body to it. I guessed the size of the first one was the size of a half dollar if you held one up to the sky with your hand extended out all the way and the boomerang shaped one was about the size of a dime. They looked to have some color to them like a grayish/black. What was so strange was that I would guess that they were about 2000 feet in the air and flew a straight line with NO SOUND. No jet engine sound, helicopter, piston engine, nothing. I couldn't even hear either one of them passing in the 30 degree air and it was a very clear night. I know what I saw was not any aircraft that I have ever seen and I have been in a few. They were not going very fast either. From the time that I saw them to when they passed out of sight was 4 or 5 minutes maybe 160 mph? The objects were flying low, the air was cold and it was a clear night. The one up front looked like it was tilted at about 30/40 degrees so one wing was shorter than the other. There really wasn't wings, but just some kind of shape that stuck out of the sides, but very,very short. The one in back was clearly shaped like a boomerang with 3 red, non blinking lights. No sound was emitted whatsoever.

Comments: This is an incredible sighting by a credible witness. The witness was very close to the objects. Boomerang shaped object sightings are commonplace, but seeing another object (cigar shaped) close by is unusual. Given a good report no explanation can be rendered for this sighting.